(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher said,

"Great enlightened beings' hearts are clearer,
Obtaining Fa, journeying in the world.
A long, long time, several thousand years,
Predestination arrives, Fa is already formed."

("Predestination" in Hong Yin)

Teacher wrote this poem on August 27, 1994, during the time when he imparted the Fa in Yanji City, Jilin Province. Each time I studied this poem, I could not help but reminisce about the time when I attended Teacher's Falun Gong classes in Yanji. Each time I walked down that memory lane, I always ended up regretting my lack of enlightenment quality, which caused me to take notes during Teacher's classes instead of paying attention to Teacher's Fa lectures. Afterwards, I studied the Fa and cultivated diligently. After experiencing tests and demonic tribulations, I gradually upgraded my xinxing and enlightenment quality. As I am becoming increasingly more mature in my cultivation, the memory of attending Teacher's classes in Yanji becomes all the more precious.

When I read "Bearing Witness to History" articles, tears flood my face because I can relate to the content and because it brings back the memory of attending Teacher's Falun Gong classes in Yanji City. I feel it is high time to share my experience with practitioners so they will treasure our predestined relationship with the Fa more. Fellow practitioners will be encouraged to be more diligent and I will get to validate the Fa once more.

I have been very competitive since little. I wanted always to be better than others in whatever I chose to do, because my satisfaction came from people's praise. As a result of my competitiveness, I suffered poor health. Some of my more severe problems were stomach illnesses, anemia and menstrual cramps. If I didn't eat a regular meal at regular hours, I suffered stomachache. I also had low blood pressure. Squatting or hot weather would cause vertigo. For 20 years I was overcome with such severe cramps on the first day of each menstrual period that I had to take painkiller or epidural and rest for the entire day. I tried every possible treatment, but nothing cured my problems. In the end, I gave up all hope.

Just as I was ready to give up, I heard that the Master of Falun Gong had been teaching Falun Gong classes in Dalian for a few days. It was too late to register for the classes, so I thought I would sign up next time. After a month, I learned that Teacher would impart the Fa in Yanji beginning August 20, 1994. I did not hesitate at all. It was as though a powerful force was compelling me to go. I was determined to register for the classes right away. In hindsight, it was because of my predestination with Falun Gong.

On the day of the first class, I went to my parents' home on time to pick them up. However, my father could not make up his mind. When we were almost running out of time, I declared, "I must go to the class, so must you two." My father replied, "In that case, let's leave now." We took a taxi, and were faced with a traffic jam. It was but 30 minutes before our train took off. If we didn't get there on time, we would miss the train. Besides, we still had to buy the train tickets! We asked the taxi driver to take an alternate route and rushed to the train station. We got in line to purchase the train ticket, but when we finally approached the ticket window, we were told that it was the wrong window. We got in line for a different window. When we finally came to the ticket window, we were told again that it was the wrong window. When we finally purchased the train tickets on the third attempt, it was but ten minutes until the departure of the train. It was incredible. I had no idea how the three of us made it to the train on time. The train set off as soon as we got on. We finally arrived in Yanji the next morning.

This was my very first time in that city. I did not know my way around. I was worried about how we were going to get there. But as we walked out of the train station, I saw someone holding a sign that said "Falun Gong." It was a veteran practitioner picking up new practitioners from the train station! I was overwhelmed with joy. Teacher was very thoughtful of new practitioners. We were put in the student dormitory at Yanji Medical University. We dined at the student cafeteria. The dormitory and meals were ten yuan a person per day. It cost very little, much more affordable than we had expected. That evening we went to Yanji Stadium to listen to Teacher teaching the Fa. It happened to be the first day of my menstrual period. I wondered, "Am I going to have cramps? Would Master Li treat my menstrual cramps?" I did not feel any pain in my lower abdomen for the first class, but I was still worried if I would experience abdominal pain the next day. A few days passed, but I still did not feel any pain. I finally felt relieved. The stubborn menstrual cramps that had tormented me for over 20 years were completely cured within just two hours of the first class. Other illnesses gradually disappeared as well within a short time.

When I registered for the class, I held the thought of having my illnesses cured. I had brought a notebook with me to take notes about treating illness with qigong. In the class, Teacher told us to let go of the thought to have our illness cured because a cultivator would obtain only without pursuit. Veteran practitioners also told us the same thing. I did not know what to do. If I didn't take notes, I might not remember anything. I wanted to take notes, but I remembered Teacher saying taking notes would distract our attention. I was torn into different directions. One minute I wanted to take notes and then changed my mind the next minute. It was truly distracting me from paying attention to the Fa lectures. But I remembered Teacher taught us to become better people and to emphasize on cultivating our xinxing because the level of our gong is the same as that of our xinxing. The part about "becoming a better person" matched the thoughts I held in my mind. Time flew quickly as I listened to Teacher's Fa lectures, learned to practice the Falun Gong exercises and exchanged cultivation experiences. Gradually I thought less and less about having my illness cured.

On the third day of the classes, a woman took a seat near me. She said she was an innkeeper. Her inn was full for the past few days and her guests told her that they had come to attend Falun Gong classes. So many people traveled from all over China to attend the Falun Gong classes, so she was certain Falun Gong must be good. She came to the class out of curiosity. When I walked on the streets or when I practiced Falun Gong exercises with fellow practitioners, I overheard that there were people coming from Guangzhou, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and even as far as Xinjiang Province. Some practitioners had attended Teacher's Falun Gong classes in several different cities. That was when it finally dawned on me that the Falun Gong classes are not ordinary qigong classes and that Teacher is not an ordinary qigong master. Otherwise, Teacher's classes would not be so appealing to so many people! I was very proud of my choice. I boasted to my parents repeatedly, "If I had not insisted on coming, we would have missed this opportunity."

The staff of the classes made the arrangement for us so that we could practice Falun Gong exercises on the playing field in the campus of Yanji Medical University at 4:30 a.m. During the day, we studied the Fa (at the time we had only Falun Gong) and exchanged cultivation experiences. In the evening after dinner, Teacher taught the Fa for about two hours. My seat was far from the stage. At first, I could not see Teacher clearly. Later Teacher treated our illnesses. Before Teacher told us to stomp on the ground, He walked around the stadium. This time I had a good look at Teacher. Teacher is a tall man with a strong build. Teacher has a fair and rosy complexion. He looks very tall and handsome and walks gracefully. Teacher always smiles and gives everyone a kind and amiable impression. Those who did not know Teacher's real age mistook him for a young man of around 30 years old. (At the time Teacher was 43 years old.) Teacher did not use any script or notes when he taught the Fa, but He had a very clear train of thought. Teacher used plain and simple language. He has a loud and clear voice. Teacher is always succinct and does not talk redundantly. Teacher is humorous sometimes when He teaches the Fa.

After every class, there were many practitioners waiting outside longing to meet Teacher and shake hands with him. Some practitioners were just happy to see Teacher, but some wanted to obtain energy from Teacher. They wanted to meet with Teacher for many different purposes. Teacher faced a group of sentient beings with a wide range of mentalities. In order to save us, Teacher always patiently satisfied their requests, and always smiling He was extremely busy, tired and hardly ever slept. Although I didn't have a good enlightenment quality at the time, I had a good understanding on this issue and did not join to bug Teacher.

At the end of August when I practiced Falun Gong exercises before dawn, I saw a round, golden object before my eyes as soon as I got up from the squatting position when practicing the fourth Falun Gong exercise. It looked like a rising sun. I opened my eyes hoping to have a good look, but there was no sun in the sky. It was still dark. I closed my eyes again only to see the rising sun again. I opened and closed my eyes for a few times before I realized that my Celestial Eye might have been opened. But I was not sure. When I told veteran practitioners that day, they confirmed that I had indeed seen an object from another dimension. Later I saw the Falun Gong group exercise practice site on campus was shielded with red light. Now that I think of it, Teacher is so compassionate to guide a practitioner with such a poor enlightenment quality as me. There is no excuse for me not to have steadfast faith in Teacher and the Fa.

In the final class in Yanji, Teacher answered questions from the students. I remember the Q&A session better. One of the question was: "How come your masters are all kneeling at this site and lotuses as well as heavenly soldiers and generals are all over the place?"

Teacher said,

"None of them are my masters. All who are from above have to treat me this way, it's just that you as human beings don't know about it. You think that they're Buddhas and Taos, and so they're my masters, but there are so many more [deities] whose levels are even higher. Don't think that whoever you see is my master. While I'm teaching the Fa, there are a lot of Fa-guarding deities from everywhere." ("Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Yanji" in Zhuan Falun Fajie - The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained)

I was astonished. This was the first time I ever heard things at such a high level! It was incredible! But I did not doubt the things Teacher said because of my personal experience. I told myself that I would gradually understand what Teacher said. Whenever I heard something marvelous during the Q&A session, I did not doubt that I really saw them. I was most impressed with practitioners from Yanji and many other areas. They presented colorful banners to Teacher as gifts after Q&A. It was a very warm scene.

After Teacher concluded the ten classes in Yanji, the practitioners attending the classes had greatly benefited. We obtained many precious things that cultivators for the past millions of years pursued but could not obtain. We have truly stepped on the path back home when we started practicing Falun Gong. That was the reason why everyone was very excited and why many people presented flower bouquets, put their hands in front of their chest to salute Teacher, applauded and kept crying. It was a very touching scene. This was the very first time I ever witnessed a scene like this. Finally Teacher donated the revenue of 7,000 yuan from the admission fees to the Red Cross in Yanji because there was a flood in Yanji that summer. Our compassionate Teacher was so considerate toward sentient beings that He donated all the revenues to the people in Yanji although he had very little income. The wicked Chinese Communist Party may have created rumors to slander Teacher, but they will not deceive those who have attended Teacher's classes. I am sure that the Yanji City government, people attending the classes in Yanji and the employees at the Yanji Stadium will not forget Teacher's donation. Since the wicked Chinese Communist Party banned Falun Gong, I may have slacked off in my cultivation practice at times, but I have never lost my faith in Teacher or the Fa and I have never thought of giving up practicing Falun Gong. And that's why I am able to walk this far despite demonic tribulations.

It has been arranged a long time ago that we should obtain the Fa. It is because we gave our pledge to Teacher and we have been given the mission in history as described in two poems Teacher wrote while He imparted the Fa in Yanji, "Fulfilling the Vow" and "Assisting the Fa." Only by doing the Three Things that Teacher requires of us that we will be able to fulfill our vows and grand pledge.

I would like to say something to practitioners that have not attended Teacher's Falun Gong classes and to new practitioners: Teacher treats every practitioner equally! Teacher has said so in Zhuan Falun and many fellow practitioners have felt it. When we practiced Falun Gong exercises together at the group practice site, many fellow practitioners that did not attend Teacher's classes saw the site was shielded with red radiant light. Some practitioners saw Teacher's Fashen adjusting their bodies. Some practitioners saw countless Buddhas, Taos and deities listening to the Fa in other dimensions when they studied the Fa during group Fa study. Some practitioners saw rotating Faluns. Some practitioners saw each and every practitioner surrounded by different colors of light. Some practitioners have become free of illness after practicing Falun Gong exercises for a few times. To tell the truth, I envied them at the time because I thought they must have a better foundation to experience such a powerful result after practicing Falun Gong exercises for just a few days. Some people with terminal illnesses recovered their health after practicing Falun Gong for just a few months. They were able to live longer and continued their cultivation practice. As every Falun Gong practitioner knows, even a non-practitioner who shouts, "Falun Gong is good!" will be under Teacher's protection. There are countless cases that everyday people are rewarded for their positive attitude towards Falun Gong, not to mention a genuine Falun Gong practitioner!

In short, we must have faith in Teacher and the Fa, have the determination to cultivate until completion, and do the "Three Things" well Teacher requires of us. We shall prevail over all demonic tribulations and return to our beautiful home with Teacher sooner.