(Clearwisdom.net) Herein I would like to share my understanding regarding Teacher's new article "Further remarks on 'politics'".

Firstly, we Dafa practitioners should understand the new article from a cultivator's point of view. Although people usually regard us as a religion, we should be clearheaded and understand that we are not religious in nature, but Dafa cultivators. Especially regarding the issue of "politics," some people think what we are doing is "getting political." But for ourselves, we must be clear that we are saving sentient beings. If people still label us "political", just let it be. But they should be asked whether it is "committing persecution" or "getting political" that should be condemned.

Secondly, some fellow practitioners are confused with the phrase "getting political." They think that we are getting political and they turn pale at the mention of the phrase. Actually, we are saving sentient beings. If this is "political" but brings only benefits and does no harm to society, why not do it? In other words, it is not wrong for us to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Therefore, "getting political" should not be used as an excuse by the old forces for persecution, since "politics" is not a something exclusively reserved for the evil.

This is my personal understanding.

March 2, 2007