(Clearwisdom.net) In October, my mother, my sister and I, along with four other practitioners, went to a peaceful village. When we entered a large park, I felt like I was back in my hometown--there was a very strong, compassionate energy field surrounding us. Right there we met the local practitioners, and it was just like seeing relatives that had not seen each other for a long time. I was very touched by a 60-year-old lady who walked six miles just to welcome us.

Because her house is so far away from other practitioners, she has to walk miles both ways, even on dark nights, whenever there is a Fa study or a meeting for experience sharing with others.

I could see her determination to cultivate diligently and her dedication to Master and Dafa.

We had a very precious discussion that night. Master's "Comment on a Student's Article" on November 15, 2003, said:

"Exposing the wicked policemen and bad persons and publicizing their evil deeds is extremely effective at shocking and restraining those irrational, wicked people. At the same time, by clarifying the facts to the people on a local level it most directly exposes, and generates public awareness of, the wicked persecution. It is also a great way to save the people who have been poisoned and deceived by the lies. I hope all Dafa disciples and new students in Mainland China will do this well."

After the CCP started its brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners, it was very common for practitioners in this village to be illegally arrested. Sometimes they were arrested just for saying "Falun Dafa is good." Practitioners suffered from loss of employment, confiscation of family property, arrest, detention in labor camps, serious torture, massive fines, and so on, only because they told people the facts and cultivated according to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." The court sentences and police harassment have brought huge damage to practitioners and their families. Pressure from family and society has made these practitioners' lives extremely difficult. Surveillance, police tracking, and harassment continue. Some practitioners cannot even go anywhere except under the supervision of their own families.

All the practitioners in that village have tried hard to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. They won't stop clarifying the truth as long as the persecution continues. In October 2004, the police arrested a practitioner that was posting truth-clarifying information. With Master's compassion, she managed to escape with her righteous thoughts. Then she had to lead a very irregular existence, where she no longer had a home to return to or a job to earn a living. That situation lasted until practitioners from the village and the surrounding area cooperated to expose the activities of the police on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. The practitioners recognized their shortcomings and tried more ways to expose the persecution to save more sentient beings. They kept purifying themselves and helping each other along the path of righteous cultivation.

At the same time, overseas practitioners provided a great deal of help by making phone calls to the police. At the beginning, the policemen replied with laughter: "I have received a phone call from Taiwan and another from the U.S."

Gradually those phone calls started to unnverve them, so they turned off all their landlines and cellphones. This phenomenon illustrates how the evil forces in other dimensions are eliminated, shocked and inhibited by the righteous thoughts and efforts of practitioners worldwide. All the practitioners play very critical and significantly important roles in saving sentiment beings during the Fa rectification period. Consequently, the village's practitioners tried harder to clarify the truth under such circumstances.

On September 25, 2005, Master said in "Walk Straight Your Path:"

"You play the leading role in this period of history, and the existence of everything at present, whether it be evil or the upright gods, has to do with you. It is walking straight your path that is most important. In the final time, the evil's factors will dwindle, circumstances will ease up, and the world's state of affairs will change, but never will the path that you are to walk straight change."

Practitioners need to be steadfast in their belief in Master and Dafa, to be aware that they are Dafa particles, and to strictly reject all the old forces' arrangements without holding on to any human notions, which is the only way the power of the Fa can be experienced. Some ordinary people and officers who tortured Dafa practitioners before they understood the truth later chose the side of righteousness and became supportive. For example, in March 2005, the manager of the village's local government said to practitioners: "You can send the letter to her [the practitioner who has been forced to leave home] and ask her to come back. We will not arrest her again." After the other practitioners' help, she finally returned home after more than half a year.

From then on, the cultivation environment became better and better. There is a friendly store in the village that plays "Pudu" and "Jishi" music everyday, creating a very peaceful and compassionate environment, where practitioners can do the exercises and study the Fa. Once, someone with an order to arrest Falun Gong practitioners showed up and saw the practitioners gathered together. After saying, "You are doing the exercises now, aren't you?" he did nothing but leave in silence.

As a location for sharing experiences and Fa study, the store has also become a venue for practitioners to interact face to face with other villagers. A total of 40 practitioners take turns clarifying the truth and collecting CCP resignations from the more than 6,000 residents.

Recently, practitioners have realized that they should reach out further to other villages to clarify the truth and help people resign from the CCP. They should bring the precious news to more sentiment beings.

So far, 80 percent of those in their village have understood the truth and about two thousand people have resigned from the CCP. On average, each practitioner has helped 40 people quit the CCP.

Because the time left by Master is getting shorter and shorter, all the issues, troubles, interferences or tribulations we encounter should be considered as chances to elevate our cultivation level. Every single thought, word, or action should follow the requirement of the Fa. No matter how hard it is, it should not be an issue for one who is on the righteous cultivation path.

This is my personal understanding from studying the Fa. I hope my fellow practitioners will please kindly correct any shortcomings.