(Clearwisdom.net) From 2003 to 2004, Huang Fengying exhausted various methods to torture Falun Gong practitioners. Claiming herself an atheist, she used two people who used to practice Falun Gong but later walked down a deviated path -Wang Xiaoqing (From Xinjiang who used to stay in Beijing) and Dong Jing (from Chang Zhou). They tortured practitioner Huang Lijun (from Piaoshui) until she was near death. They kicked and beat her up. Dong Jing kicked her private parts. One time Huang Fengying locked Huang Lijun alone in the police office and shocked her all over with electric batons. Upon returning to her cell, Huang Lijun lost control of her bladder and bowels. Wang Xiaoqing put Teacher's name on all the chairs, the bed and even the toilet, so that Huang Liying could not sit or use the toilet. All these were plotted by Huang Fengying. Three of them often gathered to come up with new ways to torture Huang Lijun. Later, when her life was in danger, they were transferred to another area fearing that she would die under their custody.

Huang Fengying often tortured another practitioner, Li Jinan. They often made her stand for a long time, shocked her with electric batons and deprived her of sleep. At midnight after she got back from work, they would hold meetings to attack and curse her. As a result of their torture, Li became disabled, but they still forced her to do manual labor. Huang Fengying also frequently humiliated, cursed and beat up other detainees. She claimed, "Who saw this?" She claimed that she represented the government. She beat up Dafa practitioner Song Weijuan from Nantong and threatened her family. She called Song Weijuan's son Lu Xiaonan so that his teachers and classmates all knew about his situation and discriminated against him. As a result, he did not want to go to school or see anyone. Being depressed about his situation, he finally quit school. Now he stays at home and worries that his mom will never come back. At one point, he became addicted to Internet surfing. Huang Fengying then attacked Song Weijuan and accused her of only caring about practicing Falun Gong and abandoning her son.

Huang Fengying also uses other vicious means such as incitement, threatening, and force. Under her torture, some were forcefully brainwashed. Huang Fengying consequently was promoted to deputy head of the prison division by the communist party. Based on the above crimes she committed, we suggest putting her on a criminal list.

Qiu Tong is the deputy head of the prison division. She often slandered practitioners, made them stand for a long time, deprived them of their sleep, and did not allow them to write letters or make phone calls. She specifically designated two inmates, Lu Fengqin and Yang Xianping (from Shanghai), to monitor practitioner Xue Shuyu from Changzhou. When no one was around, they would beat her up, slander her, not allow her to sleep or contact others. They incited her spouse to divorce her, and tortured her with the fact that her child is disabled.

When Qiu Tong shocked practitioners with electric baton, she would insult them while beating them. As long as she is on duty, everyone is nervous. She would frequently hold slandering meetings to incite hatred toward practitioners.

Ding Hongyan is in charge of "transforming" Falun Gong practitioners. She often held "Teaching and Helping Class" to slander and curse practitioners, put very determined practitioners into solitary confinement, not allow their families to visit and not allow them to sleep. She appears nice but is truly violent. Because of her torture of Falun Gong practitioners, she was promoted to the deputy head of the prison division.

To date, Nanjing Women's Prison is still accepting Falun Gong practitioners who have heavy sentences. They are usually sentenced to over seven years of imprisonment.