(Clearwisdom.net) During the past three months, I often read Lunyu (preface to Zhuan Falun) to predestined people. I felt the boundlessness of the Buddha Fa and Master's benevolence when I read to them. Everyone who listened to the Buddha Fa was extremely touched.

Teacher Wu is an outstanding educator. She is always presented as an excellent teacher. She admires Dafa, and is always highly respected by her students, colleagues and people in the community. The day before yesterday she asked me if she may not be enlightened enough or may not be predestined for cultivation. I thought about reading the Fa for her. I reverently read "Lunyu" twice. When I read, "Then, what exactly is 'the Buddha Fa'?" tears came to her eyes. She asked me, "Why did I cry?" I respectfully answered, "It's possibly because your clear side was moved!"

Principal Zhang is the principal of a school that is combined with a secondary department, the high school department and the community college department. He gets very busy with his work at school, and he is taking courses for a doctoral degree. He was always physically and mentally tired. One month ago he had facial nerve paralysis sickness. When I read the Fa to him several days ago, he felt Falun rotating in his body. His whole body felt warm and was sweating. Three days later during a break in a meeting, I read "Lunyu" to him again. He sat straight and conjoined his hands. During the next fifty minutes, an energy flow turned strongly in his body. He opened his eyes with surprise and put his hands in the Heshi position. He respectfully said, "Thanks to Teacher Li Hongzhi." I called him that night and he said to me with happiness, "My palsied face can move now."

Chief Xiao is in charge of a national institute in a state university. In the last ten years he has been responsible for directing team trainings. He was surprised that half of the members in his team are Falun Dafa practitioners. He often talked about cultivation with his members. One day after the morning training ended, another practitioner and I invited him to listen to the Buddha Fa because he seemed a little bit tired. When we came to the sentence, "As advanced as the present human science has become, it is still only part of the mysteries of the universe." ("Lunyu") Chief Xiao fell asleep. Twenty minutes later he woke up slowly and said in a surprised manner, "Strange, how did I fall asleep? My stiff neck feels relaxed now!"

Principals Zhang, Li and Su and Directors Lin and Wang were old friends. They met in Principal Zhang's office for a visit. During the lunch break we talked about Dafa cultivation. I prepared to read the Fa for them. Principal Zhang, who has cultivated in a branch of the Buddha School, did not want to be left out. He asked us to start after he came back from the washroom. This thought was precious. They all experienced different feelings after listening to "Lunyu" three times. Principal Li felt there was energy flowing around him, and his body felt comfortable. Principal Su felt his body was relaxed. Director Wang previously had imbalances in his immune system. He felt his back was heated. His cheeks became red, and warmth and cold were transferring very fast. Director Lin was no longer exhausted. Scenes of grassland, the ocean and watching the land from the sky appeared in front of Principal Zhang's eyes. I knew that they all were deeply predestined for Dafa.

Inspector Wu is a person who has very good heart nature. During a meeting he talked about his shoulders being stiff. I started to read the Fa for him. When the words "Lunyu" came out, he described that there was an energy flow in front of his face, and his body was gently shaking because of the energy flow in his body. Later, the feeling of stiffness disappeared.