(Clearwisdom.net) The five thousand years of traditional culture in China is very profound. It has a very deep and scientific understanding of material manifestations and of the spirit. Its understanding of the universe, life, the human body, etc., far surpasses that of today's science and the limitations of its so-called "scientific method." However, not many people can truly understand the righteous inner meanings and value of traditional Chinese culture any longer.

From birth until one grows up, in the process of one's development, one uses the five senses to experience one's body and surroundings. Human beings thus use the senses to understand their surroundings, leading to the belief that one's fate is determined by one's own experience of existence and material surroundings �" making one feel isolated from the rest of the universe. This is the narrow view of Newtonian mechanics. This narrow view is based on one's postnatal understanding and knowledge however. In turn, this postnatal understanding guides one's thinking, thoughts, judgment and rationality.

However, ancient Chinese science is multidimensional, believing in an intricate inherent relationship between the heavens and human beings. One can thus foretell large events in human society through observing the heavens. For instance, in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," Zhuge Liang was able to tell that he would soon pass away through observing the night skies, and that it was an unchangeable "will of heaven." This idea of "assimilation of human beings with the heavens" is one of the most important parts of traditional Chinese culture, philosphy and science. This idea surpasses the idea of locality in Newtonian mechanics, and far surpasses ordinary understandings. This is why traditional culture is not understood by "modern" Chinese people who accept western science without question.

In reality, the idea of "assimilation of human beings with the heavens" can be explained by quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics, the motion of tiny particles is entirely different from what we are used to seeing with our own eyes. In recent years, quantum mechanics has proved the nonlocal action of quantum particles, further proving quantum theory, which is very different from one's ordinary understanding.

To illustrate the effect of nonlocality simply, imagine two quantum particles in a system. If one separates them by a great distance (for instance, thousands or millions of lightyears apart) and pertubs one particle, the other particle will know the information immediately and make an adequate response. This response is instantaneous and does not need to wait for information to travel from one particle to the other. This perturbation, no matter how far away, would be known to the other particle immediately. In other words, something that happens locally will be able to affect something far away immediately. Such nonlocal behavior is entirely beyond one's ordinary understanding. Indeed, physicists acknowledge that even though everyone is familiar with equations and formulas in quantum mechanics, not a single scientist understands what the quantum world is like.

This nonlocal behavior thus provides strong evidence for the idea of "assimilation of human beings and the heavens." It shows that there is still a connection between matter that cannot yet be understood by modern science. The Earth and humanity are all in our universe, and all its particles have been in the same system since the dawn of the universe. This "quantum connection" exists and has since existed between the countless particles that make up the universe. This is the understanding of the "assimilation of human beings and the heavens" from the view of quantum mechanics. Thus, this view is scientific, and reveals the intricate relationships between the universe, nature and life.

Furthermore, the view of "assimilation of human beings and the heavens" is a whole, entire view of the universe. The nonlocality of quantum particles as described above shows that the entire universe is greater than the sum of its individual constituents. Contradictorily, this is in direct violation of western experimental science. Experimental science most often only sees a point and not the plane, or the tree and not the entire forest. In the entire universe, everything is linked together with all kinds of connections. This is difficult to understand using modern science. The logic of science is based on experimentation, believing that it can understand the larger whole through understanding each of its individual components, and summing them up to form the greater whole. In other words, it assumes as a postulate that there are no interconnecting relationships between objects. Therefore, it believes that the entire car is the sum of its individual components. Experimental science also treats human beings in very much the same way as machines, and this is indeed how western medicine analyzes the human body. However, the nonlocality effect of quantum mechanics has shown that such a mechanical sum of individual parts is imperfect and contains fatal errors. The view of matter as described by experimental science is very limited, and is far from being able to explain spirituality and matters of the mind �" it basically has a zero knowledge of the fundamentals of life and spirituality. The mathematical foundation of experimental science is itself very limited.

Therefore, some scientists simply decide to bury their heads in the sand and not face the truth. However, more and more people are realizing the shortcomings of western science, many people (including many physicists) believe that the interconnected relationships of matter show the existence of higher beings. The proof of nonlocal behavior in quantum mechanics has created strong reverberations in the fields of philosophy, science and religion.

Traditional Chinese culture is a culture passed down by gods and has a deep understanding of the universe, humanity and life. Thousands of years ago, ancient scientists in China recognized the relationship between human beings and the heavens. Human society, and the entire universe, are one. Changes in the heavens bring about corresponding changes in human society. Therefore, throughout Chinese society, many dynasties and eras have regarded the study of the heavens very importantly. It is not only used to calculate the calendar but also to foretell changes in human society, especially dynastic changes in the course of history.

Many learned people in Chinese society throughout history were able to foretell major changes in human society as well as dynastic changes through observing the heavens. If someone were to be able to do the same today and study the heavens, he or she would definitely find that the wave of withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party is a manifestation of heavenly changes in human society.