(Clearwisdom.net) I am 47 years old and have since childhood suffered from tracheitis that later developed into pulmonary emphysema and lung and heart problems. I had difficulty breathing and lived with labored breathing, coughing up phlegm, and sweating profusely. I was too weak to walk. I could not eat, nor could I sleep well. Living was worse than dying. On November 10, 2005, of the lunar calendar I went to the county hospital. The doctor told me I had cancer of the liver. My family was depressed at this diagnosis and did not know what to do. In addition to my untreated lung and heart disease, now I also had to deal with liver cancer. This was indeed one disaster after another!

My brothers borrowed money and sent me to Zhengzhou City for treatment. I was first sent to the Henan Province Cancer Hospital, then into the Provincial People's Hospital. I later was a patient in the Zhengzhou City No. 1 Hospital for 16 days. Though we spent all our money, the treatments were not successful. I lost weight—from over 65 kilo (about 143 lbs) to 45 kilo (about100 lbs). The big hospitals couldn’t treat my illnesses, so I returned home on December 6, 2005, of the lunar calendar. Each day I went to a clinic to get an intravenous injection to prolong my life that was edging ever nearer to death. On January 23, 2006, my family prepared for my funeral.

When all seemed hopeless, three days later, on January 26, I was fortunately introduced to Falun Dafa. I learned that Falun Dafa was a cultivation way to cultivate both mind and body. I had endless expectations of Dafa.

I was initially bedridden and could not sit up. My children read Zhuan Falun to me, and I listened with a sincere heart. Three days later something amazing happened! I could get up and could eat something. The pain on my liver area had eased, and my breathing was easier than before. My whole family felt so happy for me. I truly felt the power of Dafa.

Three months later I felt like a completely different person. I went to the hospital and had a comprehensive medical exam. The result showed my liver to be normal—the cancer had disappeared. Seeing this, my family members and friends were so happy from the bottoms of their hearts.

During the past several months I have truly experienced the feeling of being free from illnesses and truly feel the happiness of being healthy. Now I can do all my work, and my family members tell everyone we meet, "Master Li and Falun Dafa saved our family member, saved our whole family!"

We thank our so compassionate Master and thank Falun Dafa and the practitioners who helped me learn of Falun Dafa and taught me the exercises.