Voice from My Heart

When I lost confidence with life because of all the frustrations I was experiencing, when the guilty thought of suicide surrounded the depths of my heart, it was Master who saved my heart from despair, and it was Dafa that gave me hope for a second life. So I want to thank Master and Dafa with a devoted heart. I am determined to cherish life and continue to live my life with steadfastness and courage. I will try my best to assimilate to "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," try my best to spread Dafa to help more people benefit from it, and help more people who are in the same situation as me regain their life.

A Lifetime of Illness

I'm a 21 year old woman living in a remote mountain area in Gansu Province. I'm a practitioner who obtained Dafa in 2002. I feel that my life has only started now, because my first 20 years were controlled by illness. When I was only a little girl, I had already suffered from tracheitis, hepatitis and gastroenteritis. There was a problem with my eyes as well. My eyesight deteriorated and my eyes were red and swollen. Each day I had to take medicine and injections. The various illnesses made me very weak. Though my parents kept taking me to see different doctors, the doctors could not help either.

Several times I almost lost my life, but each time I survived and continued to endure the pain. My childhood can be simply summarized with one word: pain. Later I withdrew from school, as I had too many illnesses and my family could not longer bear the cost of my medical treatment. Soon after I withdrew from school, my feet developed problems. The doctor diagnosed it as bone dislocation and a fracture. During the repair of our house, as the electric saw was very noisy, and I was fidgety and in a bad mood. I went close to the saw without thinking, and accidentally got my right thumb chopped off. Later though the thumb was reconnected to my hand by the doctor, I did not have any feeling in it. Every day I lived with self-criticism, sorrow and desperation. I was not given any chance to take a breather in my life. The problems with my feet deteriorated, and I was finally diagnosed with necrosis of the bone and rheumatic fever. I deeply felt the endless suffering and the frailty of human life. During six months of medical treatment, I tried western and Chinese medicines, folk prescriptions, Yin Yang treatment, Taoist treatment and various other remedies. None of them worked. Meanwhile I was being poisoned by the different kinds of drugs. Because of the frequent needle injections through the blood vessels, there were marks all over my hands. I was so swollen that my body was deformed, and I could not even turn my body over. I would have a stomachache if I took medicine, but if I didn't take it I would then have pain in my feet. The money from the whole family was spent on my medical treatment. My spirit collapsed and my mind was also distorted. I easily became annoyed and simply wanted to end this life to get away from the suffering.

Falun Dafa gave me a second life

Just when I was about to commit suicide, compassionate Master sent a kind angel to save me from the endless suffering. In February 2002, a family relative who was a practitioner came to visit me, and said sincerely: "With your situation, there is only one way to change it, that is to practice Falun Dafa." I asked, "Is it so magical?" Further, due to the poisonous deceit of CCP propaganda, I believed the lies. My relative said, "Whether something is good or not is not determined by others, you will know when you learn. This is the only way to save you." As I was anxious to survive, and of course because the opportunity has also come, I started to read Zhuan Falun. I did not see any of the deceit spread on TV, on the contrary, what I've seen is that Master teaches people to be a good, that one cannot kill, and that a practitioner should not fight back when being punched or insulted, think about others first, and assimilate to the characteristic of the universe. I thought, this is a good book that teaches people to be good, and I should cherish it. When I again picked up the book, I felt that the book was like a magnet. My feet were healed naturally without my ever noticing it, and I finally finished the days that I must take six steroid tablets each day. My temper has also become much better.

What's more magical is, once when my right thumb accidentally touched something, I had feeling! I was very excited, Dafa was so magical. I became determined to study the Fa well and continue to cultivate. In the period of over a month's time, all my illnesses disappeared. I suddenly had full confidence in life. I wanted to go out to find a job to help ease the financial burden of my family. At the beginning my parents did not agree, but due to my persistence, they agreed to let me try. I made up my mind that I must do it well, however hard it would be I will be persistent and do it well, because Dafa has given me endless energy and hope.

Tragedy avoided

Dafa has not only saved my life, but also my mother's. In order to accompany me, my mother has also started to practice Dafa. Once she was riding a bicycle and got knocked down by a car. Both she and the bicycle were thrown into the air and then pushed forward for more than five meters until the car was stopped. At that moment no one thought that mom would still be alive, and no one dared to walk towards her. The windshield broke where her head had hit, the front part of the car had a big hole in it, and the handlebar was also knocked flat. Mother spent one week in the hospital and has fully recovered after spending only a month resting at home. We understand that it was Master's protection and the mighty power of Dafa that saved her.

Through persistent Fa study, I have become healthy and my spirit has also greatly improved. The benefits I have received from Dafa are endless. The words in my heart can be summarized as: Falun Dafa is good!

Stop the persecution of these kind-hearted people

Why do they persecute kind-hearted people who simply want to be good? At the beginning of the persecution, deceit was everywhere, Master was attacked and Dafa was defamed. Dafa practitioners were persecuted and so many good people were attacked. However, facing the persecution, Dafa practitioners have been clarifying the truth and exposing the lies to people with great compassion and forbearance. For people like me in such tragedy, if it weren't for a Dafa practitioner's truth-clarification and unselfish deeds, my life might have already been lost. I call on all kind-hearted people to realize the crime that the evil Chinese Communist Party has committed in persecuting good people, to know the truth of Dafa and the persecution, and together end this crime and the catastrophe of the country. I, a fortunate one who has benefited from Dafa, will also resist the pressure and will firmly practice Dafa and return home with Master.