(Clearwisdom.net) I became unemployed in 1996. All of a sudden my financial situation was turned upside down, and I faced an uncertain future. I was in my 40s, no longer young, but not old enough to retire. I have a family to support, from my child to my parents. To make things worse, I was suffering from all kinds of health problems. I had troubles with my digestive system and gallbladder. Now that I had to face this sudden misfortune, I felt completely clueless and helpless. My mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts, such as how to support my family, how to support my child to finish school, and many difficulties in the future.

One day I wandered about on the street and saw a fortuneteller. I pulled a fortune stick from his board and saw the following message, "There is fortune in the East and treasure in the West." I remember telling myself, "I am in such misery, and you tell me this kind of joke!" I laughed at myself sadly and walked westward toward home. Before I got home, an old man next door smiled at me and greeted me, "Mr. Zhang, you seemed depressed lately. What happened? I borrowed a book that everyone said was very good. I haven't read it; why don't you read it first? Maybe you will get some help." I did not say anything and just picked up the book, Zhuan Falun. The title was a bit strange. I did not know what the book was about.

After I got home, I sat on the couch and started to read the book. Immediately my heart felt calm. The author's words were kind, pleasant, and unassuming. Every word spoke to my heart. A mysterious force guided me to read on. Several hours passed. I completed several chapters. I felt like I had just returned from another world. Suddenly I realized that all the problems that had bothered me for years were resolved. I could not express my joy and excitement in words.

After I finished reading two chapters, I turned back to the front page and had a good look at the author's picture. I had no idea that Master was teaching the Buddha Fa, nor did I know what the Buddha Fa was, but I experienced great joy looking at Master.

I became a practitioner that day. With my efforts in Fa study, my mentality changed and all my illnesses disappeared. I felt healthier than ever. These were all due to Master's compassion and Dafa's mighty virtue. I established my connection to the Fa. I knew this was what I would do to the rest of my life. In order to cultivate, I am willing to endure any hardship without regret. Ten years later, I now know that my unemployment at the time was simply delusion. [Through this] Master had made arrangements for me to learn Dafa!

Although I have never attended Master's lecture series and never seen Master in person, I know that as long as I regard myself as a cultivator Master will take care of me as his disciple. When I do well, Master is very happy for me; when I don't do that well, Master will also give me hint.

Prior to July 20, 1999 (the date the persecution began), we gathered every morning at a practice site to study the Fa and do the exercises. We also taught new practitioners the exercises.

One day I had a very vivid dream: a fellow practitioner and I were teaching a new practitioner. I said, "As a new practitioner, you should try your best to do the exercises accurately. If your movements are not correct, Master will be sad." As soon as I finished talking, I saw Master step down from the portrait on the wall and look at me with a smile. I was so excited that I suddenly woke up. I felt on the one hand that the my side that has attained the Fa was so real and pure; and on the other hand, Master has so much hope for us to realize our prehistoric vows. I felt a strong sense of sacred responsibility.

I was diligent in Fa study for a long time. No matter how busy or tired I was, as soon as I started reading Dafa books I would feel completely refreshed. The more I read, the more I loved to read and the more wisdom I would gain. I was amazed at the mighty power Dafa possessed. I was completely immersed in the joy of studying the Fa. Once I saw some sparkles in the book. I thought maybe it was an illusion because my eyes were tired from reading. But the shining sparkles appeared more and more, and they were twinkling here and there as if they were playing hide and seek. Later the book pages appeared to be sky and universe; there were stars of different colors everywhere, different sizes and distances--red, green, violet; they are beautiful beyond expression. After I witnessed Dafa's manifestation I realized that this was Master's way to encourage me to be steadfast in cultivation. I truly thank Master for his compassionate salvation.

Another time, I became attached to personal gain and emotions, and my cultivation was affected. One day Master revealed to me through my dream the following scene: People were busy building a tall building, and I was climbing the stairs with many others. The stairway corners were full of broken glass. After climbing one story I looked down and saw the floor below littered with human waste. At this moment I heard a voice from higher up, "Be enlightened, hurry up and come here." Then I arrived at the front of anothere building. I couldn't tell how many stories this building had, I just felt that I could not see the top. On the balcony on the seventh or eighth floor I saw a big sign, "Hurry up." After I woke up I felt shocked: This was clearly Master's call in my dream. Master has helped his disciples in every possible way to improve. Even now, after many years, the dream is still vivid in my memory. Every time I encounter tribulations this dream guides me to advance.

I have always wanted to write something for the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. Because of my human mentality I did not do it until now. Recently I read the pamphlet "Recalling Master's Compassion." I was deeply moved by fellow practitioners' stories. I felt like I was with them all the time.

This year marked the 15th year of Falun Dafa's introduction to the human world. I wanted to share my cultivation experiences in order to express my appreciation for Master's compassionate salvation. I also wanted to demonstrate the beauty of Falun Dafa and let more good people receive the Fa's benefits.

Due to my limited understanding, my article may have some inappropriate points. I wish fellow practitioners could help me correct them.

February 6, 2007