(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young female practitioner. In ordinary society, I am at an age where it is quite normal to have a boyfriend or get married. I would like to share some of my experiences and enlightenments from the Fa on dealing with this issue. I want to share this with young people who are also troubled by this issue so that we can improve together.

I started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. It has now been almost ten years. During the rapid pace of Fa rectification my xinxing has gradually improved. There is ancient saying, "Appearance comes from one's thoughts and mind." I had not realized the meaning of this sentence until recently. As my xinxing has improved, my appearance has become prettier. As a result, some people have become attracted to me. However, in dealing with the issue of love affairs, my understanding from the Fa is the following: Teacher has said that the Fa has different requirements at different levels. Regarding this issue, we can cultivate and comply to ordinary society as much as we can (rough meaning). I think that, all in all, this issue is limited to ordinary people's society and is sentimentality. It will not exist once we ascend out of the Three Realms. In addition, when men and women are close, they will inevitably develop human notions and sentimentality (qing), and this can interfere with our cultivation. Therefore, I have never thought about having a boyfriend or getting married. As a result, I have always refused others' interests in me.In the past, I always thought that, since I am refusing them, I needed to be cold so that they didn't see any hope. I always thought that this attitude was correct until a recent incident occurred.

Several days ago, in the presence of my practitioner mother, I once again refused another person with the same attitude. My mother pointed out that I should not be so cold after refusing that person. I was stone-faced when I saw him again. After discussing it with my mother, I realized that even when refusing others, we should still try our best not to hurt others and should be considerate of others' feelings. We need to let them feel our compassion and magnificence instead of embarrassing them. Only with this attitude can we harmonize with ordinary people. I should not cause them to feel hopeless with my cold behavior. In the past, I used the ways of ordinary people. Therefore, when we met again, I would feel awkward. Isn't this caused by me? As Dafa practitioners, we should always consider others first and cannot hurt others.

Therefore I suggest that we young practitioners consider others with the magnificence of Dafa when dealing with this issue.