(Presented at the 2006 Fa Conference in Australia)


Greetings, Master and fellow practitioners.

I would like to give a report on the cultivation of the practitioners in the telephone group in Sydney

Our group is very new. Although we realized the importance of clarifying the truth by making phone calls, we felt it was hard to keep up the momentum. Whenever we ran into some tribulations or people on the other end of the phone swore at us, we left the group using some excuses, and we did not have the courage to pick up the phone again. Some practitioners and I later realized that clarifying the truth through phone-calling is an important part of our cultivation practice, and we should not shy away from it and leave blanks in our cultivation practice just because of fear and the heart of seeking comfort. No matter how difficult it is, we should continue doing it. So a few of us decided to make phone calls on a regular basis together, and that we should encourage each other and share experiences. We thus formed a group to clarify the truth to Chinese people in China by making phone calls to them.

Before we make phone calls, we usually send forth righteous thoughts together and recite Lunyu. We will also share the importance of the day's phone calls as well as the content of our truth-clarification. When we started this group, the organ harvesting crime had just been revealed to the public, and we needed to make phone calls to the Chinese doctors who planned to travel to the US for a conference. At the very beginning, we did not know what to say. We simply told them about the organ harvesting from living practitioners. The people on the other end of the phone wouldn't admit it and they refused to connect us with the doctors. After many phone calls, we had more wisdom. We realized that we could change the angle of our talking points. We told the person that answered that we had some relatives or friends who wanted to have an organ transplant. Then they immediately replied that their hospitals did many of these kinds of transplantations. They asked us what kind of organ transplant we wanted. This way we were able to obtain some true information.

During tha time, we made many phone calls to several big hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and other cities. The doctors said the medical technologies for these kinds of transplants were all very mature and that the shortest waiting time was one week, the longest less than two months. We got to talk to some doctors who went to the US for the conference, and they all admitted that they could do these kinds of transplants. When we told the doctors that some of the organs came from living practitioners, some of them were shocked, saying that was impossible, while others remained silent and acknowledged this fact. Some said the organs were taken directly from the bodies of executed criminals. We took the opportunity to clarify the truth of organ harvesting to the doctors and nurses and remind them that anyone involved was committing a crime.

Some practitioners are not good at expressing themselves. Initially they did not have confidence in making phone calls, and they were only helping sending forth righteous thoughts and sending faxes. Later, after hearing other practitioners' experiences, they plucked up their courage and picked up the phone. Because they were calling with a pure heart, they were able to persuade the person on the other end to quit the CCP on their very first try. These practitioners were thus highly encouraged, and gained much more confidence. Not only did they begin when to participate in group calling, but they also continued to make phone calls by themselves when they went home.

Every practitioner who has participated in phone-calling realized that encouragement and team work among practitioners helps a lot. In this group, everyone feels comfortable and harmonious. Each time we make phone calls, we do much better with the last few phone calls. When one person makes a phone call, other practitioners help dial the number or send forth righteous thoughts. The more phone calls we make, the stronger the righteous thoughts we have and the more wisdom we have.

Now I'd like to share with you some stories.

I was talking with an older lady, and I commented that she sounded very young. Hearing this, she laughed and then told me that she was actually over 60. While she was in a good mood, I started to clarify the truth to her. I said, "I want to share a very important message with you, that is, people are quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Why? As you see, the whole country is corrupted by the evil Party's officials. With so many corrupt officials, the only fate awaiting this nation is destruction." She said that she had never joined any of the organizations. I then told her many prophecies about the collapse of the CCP, mentioning a big stone in Guizhou Province dating back to hundreds of millions years ago that was engraved with the characters that read, "Collapse of the CCP." She asked me in a curious tone, "Are you Falun Gong?" I said, "By hearing your tone, I guess you have learned a lot about Falun Gong. You are a person with good fortune. Falun Gong is being practiced in over 80 countries around the world, and people everywhere are all very supportive of Falun Gong. Falun Gong is a cultivation practice of the Buddha school. If you believe in the Buddha Fa, you will know its power. This evil Party is now persecuting the Buddha Fa, and it is doomed. The reason why I'm giving you this message is because it is very urgent now. Not only do you need to quit, but your family also needs to quit." A few days later I called her again. This time, her family of 14 people had all agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Another time I called a forced labor camp in Shandong Province. A guard answered the phone. I told him how popular Falun Gong is overseas and explained to him that the reason they are still persecuting Falun Gong in China is because they don't know the truth. I said the CCP was doomed because it persecutes the Buddha Fa. Before I finished, he hung up. I called again and a female guard picked up the phone. I told her the urgency of quitting the CCP and asked her if it was OK for me to make up a name for her to quit the CCP. She agreed and thanked me.

The process of making phone calls is an evaluation of our cultivation state, as well as our understanding of the Fa. We need to clarify the truth with wisdom to people with different backgrounds and mentalities.

Once several practitioners called the same number one by one. In the beginning a man in his 30s answered the phone. He said he had never joined any of the organizations. Then another practitioner called again and a young lady picked up. She also said she never joined any of the organizations. We then realized they were probably too afraid to acknowledge that they had joined these organizations. They haven't understood the importance of quitting the CCP. So a third practitioner called again. And the man who answered the phone earlier was on the other end of the line. Our practitioner said to him with a calm tone, "I made this phone call at my own expense. I don't know who you are so you are safe talking to me. I urge you to quit the CCP because I want to bring peace and happiness to you. It has nothing to do with politics." He still did not quite understand. So our practitioner told him some stories about how people suffered retribution for not heeding God's hints. He gradually understood and agreed to quit. He also asked our practitioner to help his wife and child quit.

We found that the effect of making phone calls is good if we are in a very good cultivation state. We are full of wisdom when our mind is on the Fa. Our words carry great compassion. Many people, including police, guards, and 610 Office directors agreed to quit. Sometimes even before they agree to quit, we can tell they will for sure agree to quit. At that moment, we feel it is not our human side that is doing things, but our cultivated side doing it, with strengthening from Teacher. However, if we didn't study the Fa well, our words did not have much power and the effect was no good.

Among the phone calls we have made, many that answered were people who had been persecuted by the CCP. They all had great hatred towards the CCP. When we called them, it was very easy for them to quit. There was a man who was a veteran. He and his wife both quit and he also gave me the phone numbers of his in-laws who were both CCP members. He also asked me to help his deceased parents to quit. He gave me his address, asking me to mail me a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. He promised to share it with his friends after he got it. We were all very inspired by this man. We should make good use of our time to save Chinese people. If they don't know the truth and don't quit the CCP, they will be destroyed, which would be our fault.

There were also many people who never heard about withdrawing from the CCP. When they received our phone calls, they were very inspired and told us the CCP should have been eliminated long ago. As a matter of fact, this group of people are those we really should save.

At present, clarifying the truth to the Chinese and urging them to quit the CCP is a test for Dafa disciples. It is to remove our last attachments. The number of people who quit the CCP has lingered at around two to three thousand every day, far below Teacher's expectations. All Dafa disciples should take action to urge people to quit the CCP.

If everyone of us can pick up the phone and clarify the truth to Chinese people, that would form a righteous field. Then the CCP would collapse by itself. Now there are practitioners from all over the world who have joined the global phone calling team. We often make calls together at set times. Once we called people in the Beijing area together and the evil hovering around Beijing was completely eliminated. We have realized that each time we make the phone calls, it is a battle between righteousness and evil.

The time left to us by Teacher to validate the Fa and establish mighty virtue is short, so we should really grasp the opportunity and save as many people as possible so as not to have regrets in the future. Teacher's Fashen bring people with predestined relationships to us. All we need to do is to clarify the truth to them.

Thank you, Teacher.