(Clearwisdom.net) The task of selling NTDTV New Year Spectacular tickets is in full swing. During the process of selling tickets, I often heard, and saw in articles, that some practitioners mentioned the "battle between righteousness and evil." Here, I just want to share my understanding. If there are any inappropriate words, please kindly point them out.

Teacher told us to eliminate evil with righteous thoughts. However, he did not instruct us to battle or fight with the evil. I also heard some fellow practitioners say we should win the battle, not lose the battle.

I always regard this as a human thought. When we think of battling with the evil, do we underestimate ourselves, but overestimate the evil? Or do we focus our thinking on the evil? If so, it would mean we recognize them, wouldn't it? Actually, we come to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa and save all beings.

Teacher said,

"I am a person who dislikes fighting with others, and neither was it worth a fight with him. Whenever he brought some bad things upon me, I would just clear them up. Afterwards, I would resume my lecturing." (Lecture 5, Zhuan Falun, the English version in 2000)

I think what Teacher said reflects our current situation. If our righteous thoughts are strong enough, the evil cannot have any effect at all.