(Clearwisdom.net) Time flies and Chinese New Year of 2007 is approaching. In Sacramento, the capital city of California, there is usually an united celebration by a dozen local Chinese organizations. This year is their 10th celebration. Each year, one organization hosts the celebration and other organizations support the event. Local Falun Gong practitioners are invited every year.

A table to introduce Falun Dafa

On Saturday February 3 2006, Falun Gong practitioners set up their table early in the morning to welcome the visitors. A yellow banner printed "Falun Dafa Free Teaching" was very eye-catching. Many Falun Dafa books in different languages were displayed on the table along with some free materials. A TV set is playing truth-clarification programs continuously. A lot of people passed the table. Some took a book of "Falun Gong Stories" or other materials, more people just cast a smile. It didn't appear any more that people avoid Falun Gong or repeat CCP propaganda.

A young couple talked to the practitioners and said with pride, "We are from the same city as your master, Mr. Li Hongzhi. We are all from Changchun." In the conversation, the husband encouraged the wife to practice Falun Gong .

A Chinese passed by. He raised his thumb and said, "Good job. Keep it up!"

Two people came to the table asking for music CDs.

A man heard the introductions from the Falun Gong practitioners and learned the difficulties they overcome. He said, "You did what many Chinese want to do but can't do. Thank you!"

But there are still people deceived by CCP propaganda. A practitioner gave materials to three young ladies. When they saw it was about Falun Gong, they refused and pretended to be scared and then laughed. The practitioner patiently explained the value of freedom in America to learn opinions from different sides. One lady answered, "We are not afraid of knowing (Falun Gong). We are afraid that CCP knows us and so we can't return to China."

A lot of westerners came to the Chinese New Year celebration too. The English materials passed out quickly.