Jiamusi Prison has always been active in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners.

For instance, in the third prison, prison guard Song Yunlong has been the most active criminal involved in persecuting practitioners. He instigates convicts to monitor practitioners, not allowing them to communicate with each other and recording all their daily activities, including even trivial things like their clothing, what they eat, how they live, and if they take a walk. The guards try to force practitioners to write "Regret Letters" and instigate the convicts (mostly people who have committed homicide) to beat practitioners brutally if they refuse to cooperate. The guards even encourage the convicts, telling them that no matter what methods they use, as long as they are able to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners, their sentences will be reduced. (Convicts Zhang Jincheng and Hu Chuansuo both had their terms reduced this way, and they were released.)

With someone backing them, the convicts have no worries not matter what they do. Practitioners are forced to stand every day against the wall, with their heads bent down, their legs on the table, and a tub full of water hung from their necks, bending 90 degrees at the waist. This is just one of the many evil methods of persecution that they have used. If they refuse to write "Regret Letters," the guards beat them with their closed fists, and when their fists get tired, they use their batons. Practitioner Mr. Duan Yifa was beaten so badly that he could not get out of bed for a week. His entire buttocks, back, and legs all turned purplish black and did not recover for a month. Some prisoners with a conscience have said, "These guards are inhuman!" Another practitioner, Huang Shisheng, was beaten so badly that he could not straighten his body for a long time. In some prison districts, practitioners were prevented from sleeping for seven days and seven nights. Other districts used the most brutal and inhumane torture methods, such as "Bamboo Sticks" (inserting bamboo sticks into practitioners' fingernails). Some practitioners were tortured to the brink of death.

Deputy Prison Chief Liu Changyu is the most evil prison guard. He has committed himself fully to persecuting practitioners. Under his instigation, the guards force practitioners to work and perform labor.

When practitioners go on hunger strikes to protest against the persecution, the authorities force-feed them. After Liu Junhua started a hunger strike on December 6, prison guard Peng Lin made criminal inmates carry Mr. Liu to the work area everyday and carry him back at night. This continued for a month, even when he was unable to take it anymore. On a hunger strike for half a month, added to the inhumane torture and brutal force feeding, Liu became very weak. His esophagus was injured by the plastic tube inserted down his throat and he developed a dry cough and vomited blood. Peng Lin even said, "If you do not insert it properly take it out and insert it again." With a plastic tube inserted down his esophagus into his stomach for more than ten days, his esophagus was damaged, and Liu was in a lot of pain. He was on the brink of death and could not be force fed anymore.

Even then, instead of releasing him, he was sent to the hospital for another 40 days of persecution. His elderly parents flew over to visit him from overseas and could not even recognize the emaciated Liu from his handsome and energetic former self. Liu's mother fainted immediately and was only rescued after a lot of effort in the hospital. In order to evade responsibility, Liu's mother was lied to and told that if they had not force fed Liu, he would have died long ago. Liu's mother was deceived into believing the authorities' story and, instead of chiding them for their crimes, began trying to persuade Liu to eat.

Jiamusi Prison personnel:

Senior Officials Office of Jiamusi Prison: 86-454-8816088, 86-454-8816259
Complaints Office of Jiamusi Prison: 86-454-8816015
Jiamusi Prison guards

Newly appointed Deputy Prison Chief: Liu Changyu
Division Leader of the First Prison Ward: Wei Jianmin
Division Leader of the Third Prison Ward: Wang Qingjun
Education Leader: Cui Haijun
Instructor of the Second Team: Peng Lin
Leader of the Education Team: Dong Guiyong
Instructor of the First Team: Song Yunlong