(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I’ve had the nagging feeling that other practitioners are mistreating me. My mother-in-law (also a practitioner) has been resentful about cooking for us. I’ve always felt that I’m really busy, having to work and do Dafa projects, while all she has to do is cook for the family, so I felt that she had no reason to hold a grudge. For some time a few female practitioners were constantly calling my husband and keeping him on the phone for hours, gossiping about other practitioners’ problems and whatnot. I was miserable; I didn’t even have time to talk with my husband about my own problems at work. Whenever I saw those practitioners I felt very uncomfortable. I thought that after cultivating for such a long time they were still like ordinary people, but the truth was that it was my own strong human notions, sentiments, and similar attachments that were causing my negative feelings.

Even though I knew I was not right, it seemed that I just couldn’t stop my negative thoughts. After a while I felt very annoyed and unhappy. It was exactly as Master said in Zhuan Falun, "So this guy can’t get over it, he feels annoyed, and maybe he can’t get it off his mind."

In Master’s new article, "My Thanks to Sentient Beings Who Have Sent Greetings," Master said,

"I sincerely hope that all of my Dafa disciples will achieve Consummation!"

Suddenly I realized that Master wants all Dafa disciples to achieve consummation, but I always resented practitioners that made me uncomfortable, to the extent that I sometimes thought that they had problems and wouldn’t achieve consummation. As practitioners we are cultivating ourselves, and we all have our attachments. Don’t I also have a lot of attachments that I haven’t let go of? At the last stage of the Fa-rectification, Master is waiting for every disciple to achieve consummation, while I thought that those that treated me well were cultivating well and those that made me uncomfortable would be unable to achieve consummation. Isn’t this the opposite of what Master wants? With all this selfishness, how can I meet Master’s requirements? Now when I think of the practitioners I used to resent, my heart is filled with warmth, and I hope that we will all be able to be diligent and achieve consummation as soon as possible.