(Clearwisdom.net) One day, a practitioner whose third eye is open came back from a village. Lots of other practitioners surrounded him and asked questions. Some of them asked: "Is my cultivation all right?" Others asked: "My business improved a lot. I plan to invest more in it. Is that all right?" "How is Fa-rectification? When does it end?" Many of their topics related to selfishness. I thought at the time that those topics might have been all right at the beginning of their cultivation, but these practitioners obviously don't study the Fa well and they don't improve themselves within the Fa. Are they practitioners during Fa-rectification? Practitioners will know everything as long as they study the Fa well. Do they need to ask others? They can understand everything by themselves based on the Fa.

Later, I shared this episode with another practitioner. As I explained the details of their questions, this practitioner noticed that I had personal feelings toward those practitioners who were attached to third eye revelations. He said to me very seriously: "Don't you think that what you said and your opinions regarding this issue are following the old forces' arrangements? That is the purpose of the old forces' arrangements. They want you to be against other practitioners. You may spread this case and talk about it with others and then spread it again. If you transfer lots of energy toward the old forces, you will not be able to deny the old forces' arrangements when you subconsciously agree with their arrangements." I was astonished: I indeed had followed the old forces arrangements.

During this sharing, I understood: I should not complain or even scold practitioners when we are in a situation as mentioned above, but rather send forth righteous thoughts and eliminate the unrighteous field, then share with our practitioners based on the Fa. This is a righteous thought and a righteous behavior. I used human notions to deal with this matter. I also used to point out other practitioners' problems and voiced my opinion, emphasizing that I was right. Finally, I would share with other practitioners and emphasize: "We should raise our xinxing and we should not do it like that." It seemed like my fellow practitioners' problems had nothing to do with me.

Now I realize from within my heart that no matter what happens, as long as I know that it must be related to my cultivation, I must improve. Now, with Fa-rectification at its present stage, every practitioner needs to treat other fellow practitioners with kindness and immense tolerance so as to form a strong righteous field. We should not leave any chance for the old forces to take advantage of us.