Female prison guard Li Zhuolin, from Qingpu Women’s Forced Labor Camp in Shanghai, has always expressed hostility towards Falun Dafa. She spares no effort in persecuting them. She not only constantly curses and humiliates practitioners, but forces them to read and watch brainwashing materials. She also tortures practitioners physically. She has hung up multiple practitioners as torture; her methods are extremely cruel.

The hanging handcuffs used at Qingpu Women’s Forced Labor Camp are wide canvas strips. When Li Zhuolin hangs practitioners, she ties their wrists tightly with the canvas strips. As a result, the blood vessels are constricted and blood can’t flow properly. Within a few minutes the practitioner becomes totally numb. Li Zhuolin usually hangs practitioners for more than ten hours without a break. After being let down, some practitioners have lost feeling in their arms and legs and are seriously debilitated. Li Zhuolin tortured practitioner Ms. Guan Longmei with this excruciating method a few years ago. One time Ms. Guan stepped forward to vindicate Master and Dafa. Li Zhuolin handcuffed her to a window with her feet suspended in the air. It was November, and Li Zhuolin ordered an inmate to open the window so the cold air could blow in. In order to prevent Guan Longmei from talking, she stuffed stinky socks and a mop into her mouth. Later she handcuffed Ms. Guan to a bed for over 20 days. Ms. Guan lost dozens of pounds and her wrists were covered with bruises. She was forced to watch and read all kinds of Dafa-slandering videos and books, write reading reports, sit or stand still for a long period of time, and do heavy labor.

Xu Jiejie, leader of the No. 5 Team in Qingpu Women’s Forced Labor Camp, watches Li Zhuolin torture practitioners all the time and manipulates her behind the scenes. There are not a lot practitioners being held there but the camp is very evil. Fellow practitioners, please collectively send forth strong righteous thoughts towards Qingpu Women’s Forced Labor Camp to thoroughly eliminate the evil beings and factors that persecute practitioners and thoroughly disintegrate the evil No. 5 Team (the team designated for Falun Gong practitioners) that persecutes practitioners.