(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner from Jingzhou City in Hubei Province. I once lost my memory due to the brutal persecution I endured. Now my memory has been restored, and therefore I will write down how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has persecuted me because of my belief in Falun Dafa.

At noon on a day at the end of February 2001, Police Chief Hu (last name), Officer Liu Jinhua from Section 1 of the Shashi District Police Station in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, and officials Zhang and Xi from the street duty office came to my home and searched through my family's possessions. Two people held me down so I could not see their actions. When I struggled, Chief Hu repeatedly slapped my face. Later, six or seven more officials arrived at my home, turned my family’s belongings upside down, and took one thousand yuan.

After they dragged me into an automobile, they took me to the Yingguanshan Hotel at Zhongshan Park in Shashi District and locked me in a room. I was brutally beaten while my arms were handcuffed behind my back and my head was covered by a thick blanket. Officer Xu forced powdered red pepper into my nose, eyes and mouth. Officer Guo inserted two lit cigarettes into my nostrils. They shocked me with electric batons and repeatedly kicked me with heavy boots. Both of my arms were broken from the beating, and I lost feeling in both hands. I fainted several times during the ordeal.

After I woke up, officer Yang took off my socks and shoes and forced me to stand on a clothes rack. He shined a strong light directly into my eyes and also forced me to stand still. Officer Liu repeatedly slapped my face until it turned dark blue and became very swollen. Then they decided to stop slapping my face and instead beat my body to cause injury to my internal organs, so they held me down and stomped on my whole body and then handcuffed my arms behind my back into the air.

The cruel police kicked my face, head, body and legs with their heavy boots. Later, my body became numb and I couldn't even feel any more pain. This kind of torture lasted nine straight days and nights. However, I still refused to fingerprint the document indicating my agreement to give up my belief in Falun Dafa. After running out of methods to "convert" me, the police took me to the Shashi Detention Center to be imprisoned. I went on a hunger strike to resist the persecution there, so they transferred me to the Jingzhou City Detention Center.

During my force-feeding, the guards pried open my mouth and broke three of my front teeth using an electrician's king-sized bolt knife. They used a plier to pull out the roots of my broken teeth. During this torture, there were three large containers holding the blood flowing from my mouth. Many inmates who witnessed this even cried for me. I was later transfered back to the Shashi Detention Center again. While I was being force-fed, the head officer Lu repeatedly shoved the feeding tube in and out. By doing so, he made sure my mouth and nose bled heavily.

By then, I had become very thin. My skin became dark and my body smelled very bad. I could not stand up or take care of myself. Despite this, the Shashi Detention Center sent guard Lui to take me to the Wuhan Women's Prison. In order to make the prison accept me in this condition, he brought somebody else's urine sample to the lab. As soon as my blood sample was extracted in the Tongji Hospital in Wuhan City, he asked the doctor to write my blood test report although the sample was never sent to the lab. By using such deceit, the guards ensured that I was sent to the Wuhan Women's Prison.

In the Wuhan Women's Prison, the guards ordered me to write the Three Statements, which I adamantly rejected, so they punished me by forcing me to stand for long periods of time. From the end of April to the end of June, I was forced to stand continuously for whole days and nights. They did not allow me to sleep or even to move. My legs and feet were so swollen that the skin became so thin that it almost broke up. Once when I was tortured to the point that I lost consciousness, I fell on an iron gate. My head was punctured and I suffered severe bleeding. I still persisted in not writing the Three Statements. Finally, when I was unable to stand up any more, the guards locked me in the "Strictly Monitored Cell." They hung me up on the iron bars and ordered other inmates to torture me. They did not allow me to go to the bathroom or to bathe. My body smelled very bad, and my bone was visible where the handcuffs were fastened. In order to force me to write the Three Statements, over ten inmates joined in torturing me. They tied my right shoulder and arm up with a thin hemp rope. Some inmates sat on my back, and others sat on my shoulders. Some held my head. I struggled to breathe. Since I still refused to write the Three Statements, the inmates brutally broke my right thumb. Two inmates held my hand to force me to write the Three Statements. They tried so hard to achieve their goal that they were afflicted with recurring heart disease. After they let go of me, I went directly to the office and told the guard that the inmates had held my hand and forced me to write the Three Statements. Therefore, I said, the statements were invalid. The guard became very angry and walked out of the office. Then, I was taken to the "Introspection Cell."

Through my firm belief in Teacher and Falun Dafa, I was able to break through four long, excruciating years in prison. During my imprisonment, I unceasingly clarified the truth to the inmates. Because of this, those inmates who stayed in the same cell with me understood that Falun Dafa is good.

I have been able to come through all of these horrifying experiences because of Teacher's protection. Although I don't have much education, I still record the crimes committed by the Shashi District Police Station, the Jingzhou City Detention Center, the Shashi Detention Center and the Wuhan City Women's Prison in order to expose the brutal persecution against Dafa practitioners. Let the people clearly recognize how the evil Chinese Communist Party persecutes good and innocent people.