(Clearwisdom.net) In order to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, the Nanjing Women's Prison coerced their family members into signing "helping and educating" contracts. When the guards tortured practitioners, they would say, "It's your family members who have entrusted us to educate you." The guards especially like to shock the practitioners with electric batons until they fall unconscious. Some practitioners have become partially disabled as a result. Some have developed limps, and others have developed a hunchback and cannot walk normally.

The Minghui/Clearwisdom website has exposed the persecution carried out by guards in the Nanjing Women's Prison many times. If a practitioner talks about the events happening in the prison when meeting their family members, the guards will quickly retaliate. Sometimes, when a practitioner was eating, the guards would suddenly seize her, drag her up by the hair, and then slam her head against the wall.

In order to force others to share in their crimes, the authorities at the Nanjing Women's Prison came up with a contract for practitioners' family members to sign to "entrust the labor camp to help and educate" the practitioners. The scheme targets the steadfast practitioners under the pretext of permission given by the family members. The family members are not told that the primary form of education is electric baton shocks.

On family visitation days, the guards coerced the family members, threatened the practitioners, and tried every means to get the contract signed. If the practitioners tried to stop their family members from signing the contract, the guards would end the visit immediately. Some family members were fooled and signed the contract, which led to the guards behaving even more cruelly and recklessly in carrying out the persecution and torture.

Presently, the Nanjing Women's Prison still persists in the long-term persecution of practitioners, both mentally and physically. For example, the prison authorities still do not allow practitioner Ms. Song Weijuan's direct relatives to visit her and do not provide her with normal meals. When her health was clearly deteriorating, she was denied treatment. As a result, she developed edema all over her body. Even so, she was forced to work for more than ten hours per day.

Other practitioners who were detained and tortured for long periods of time have also developed all kinds of diseases, and their lives are in constant danger.

We appeal to everyone to help stop the brutal persecution and secure the release of all Dafa practitioners who are being illegally detained.