(Clearwisdom.net) On December 7, 2006, officers from the Yinchuan City 610 Office and National Security Office arrested practitioners Mr. Zhao Yuhu, Mr.Cai Guojun, Ms. Zhang Xiaoping, Ms. Jiang Hongying, and Ms. Mu Zhihong from Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, after their activities were secretly monitored, including listening in to their phone conversations. The arrested practitioners are being detained at the Yinchun City Detention Center.

Policemen Yang Jianjun, Wang Man, Meng Zhangyi, Cui Shenghui, Zhao Yinhu, and Zhang Dingsheng were directly involved in the arrest of practitioners.

Director of National Security Division, Yinchun City: 86-951-6736988
Assistant director in charge of persecuting practitioners in Yinchun City: Yang Jianjun 86-951-6915088 (Office), 86-13909503518 (Cell)
National Security Division at Xingqing Satellite Office, Yinchun City: Meng Zhangyi 86-13909505406 (Cell), 86-951-4090760 (Office), 86-951-4090762 (Office)
Zhang Dingsheng: 86-13909505406 (Cell), 86-951-4090760 (Office), 86-951-4090762 (Office)
Wang Man: 86-13007975996 (Cell)
Xixia District Satellite Office director: 86-951-3066660
Assistant director: 86-951-3067844
Political consultant: 86-951-3066529
Division Captain Cui Shenghui: 86-951-3065841, 86-951-3065847 (Office), 86-13995178961 (Cell)
Yinchun City Detention Center: Director Shi Hongwei, 86-951-5058535, Fax 86-951-5016314