(Clearwisdom.net) Jidong Prison is located in Fengnan District of Tangshan City. Located far away from other towns, it is a concentration camp that detains and persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners.

The practitioners are jailed separately. Some teams only have one practitioner. Every practitioner is monitored by four to six prisoners. Due to lack of transportation, some practitioners have not seen their family members for years. The persecutors are using the geographical conditions to cover up their crimes. In recent years, some of the facts have been exposed.

The evil prison authorities uses many cruel ways to "reform" Dafa practitioners. For example, they shock them with electric batons, make them stand under the baking sun, beat them, and detain practitioners in a pitch dark room for several months on end. They instigate other prisoners to attack and beat Dafa practitioners. They threaten to beat practitioners to death. They do not allow some practitioners to sleep for long periods of time. Many collaborators were asked to come and "reform" Dafa practitioners with brainwashing and torture.

Recently, the Politics and Law Committee and the Administration Bureau of the province have been regularly visiting the prison to conduct "inspections." They give orders to persecute Dafa practitioners continually. Dafa practitioner Bian Zhongxue has been on a hunger strike for almost five months. His health condition is very poor. The prison authorities force-feed him every day. Bian Xuezhong's current condition is said to be critical.

Since the Politics and Law Committee and the Administration Bureau of the province gave their orders, the Jidong Prison has intensified their abuse of practitioners. Practitioner Bi Xiuzhan has been sent to the strict control team three times recently. Some of the prisoners have learned that Falun Dafa is good and started to practice. After the persecutors discovered this, these prisoners were also sent to the strict control team and were beaten there. They were forced to stand in the cold wind for several hours.

Dafa practitioners, please send forth righteous thoughts, make phone calls or use other ways to eliminate the evil factors in Jidong Prison that are persecuting Dafa practitioners. Let's help the practitioners who are detained at Jidong Prison!

Prison head, Song Chenliang
Political commissioner, Peng Yanjie
Secretary of disciplines, An Yue
Deputy heads of the prison, Sun Yuejin, Hou Baochen
Section of Propaganda and Eduction, Dong Fukui
Heads of the first team, Gao Baijiang, Yang Renshan, Hu Chunhua, Cehn Xijiao

Jan 21, 2007