(Clearwisdom.net) Lust is a serious matter to a cultivator. Many cultivators in the past have failed because of it. A practitioner in Dafa needs to pay attention to this in particular. Since our cultivation is the most righteous, we need to take lust especially seriously.

Teacher said:

"So when you look at it from history, or from higher dimensions, a person's desires and lust, these things, they play a huge role in determining whether someone can cultivate." (Zhuan Falun, The Sixth Talk: "Attracting Demons in Qigong.")

We did take lust seriously in the beginning of our cultivation. I remember that before July 20, 1999, practitioners often shared experiences about how to pass tribulations of lust. Now we are in the final phase of the Fa-rectification period. Some practitioners still make mistakes in this area and do not take it seriously or try hard to get rid of it.

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, practitioners were jailed, imprisoned, sent to forced labor camps, and were forced to stay away from their homes to avoid persecution.

When staying away from home, sometimes a female practitioner and a male practitioner who were not married would live together to be safer, since others might think that they were husband and wife. Those who were not careful ended up committing big mistakes. Furthermore, some did not realize the seriousness of the matter and stayed in this state without being able to pull themselves out.

Teacher has talked about the issue of lust and made it very clear to everyone in "The Fa Conference in Los Angeles." I know some practitioners have made mistakes in this area, but they dared not face the problem. Rather, they used working in Fa-rectification as an excuse to cover their wrongdoings. They were swayed by lust and could not control themselves, and still would not examine themselves and face their own behavior. Teacher is benevolent and does not want to leave behind any disciple. In the past, would a practitioner still have any chance to cultivate if he or she was like this? Furthermore, a practitioner who continues to make mistakes in this area would not be able to do Fa-related work well, and would not be able to concentrate in Fa study either. However, they still call themselves Dafa practitioners to cover for their actions and deceive fellow practitioners.

I feel that practitioners who have made mistakes in the area of lust need to take this matter seriously. To cultivate is to get rid of attachments. Without taking ones' own mistakes seriously, how can one think he is cultivating? Also, if a practitioner has gone astray in the area of lust, as fellow practitioners who have seen or heard of it, we need to also examine ourselves to see if we have deficiencies in this area. In recent years we often heard some practitioners passed away. They did not die of the persecution while being detained, but rather they died of illness karma. Could some of these cases be related to lust also? Is it that the evil got a hold of the loophole of practitioners because the practitioners' attachments to lust were not completely eliminated? Since the old forces think the attachment to lust is a very serious matter, then why don't practitioners try to cultivate this well so as to not let the evil have any loophole to exploit? In the meantime, we need to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind the practitioners who have problems with lust.

Fellow practitioners who have problems with lust must wake up immediately. Otherwise you will lose your preciously opportunity to be saved.