(Clearwisdom.net) Several Dafa practitioners including Jia Naizhi, He Lizhong, Liu Chengyan and Lu Yan were illegally sentenced to prison after being abducted by police. The prison refused to accept them, as they had already been tortured quite badly. They were sent to the Second Detention Center in Fushun City and have been detained there since then. Some of these practitioners have been imprisoned for over four years. The detention center, on the other hand, claims that it does not have the right to release the practitioners and that it needs permission from the People's Procuratorate. However, the People's Procuratorate refused on the grounds that these Dafa practitioners are "activists." Recently, these practitioners were transferred to the Shenyang Prison.

Persecution of Jia Naizhi, He Lizhong, Liu Chengyan and Lu Yan:

Ms. Jia Naizhi, 54 years old, was abducted on October 11, 2002 and imprisoned in the Fushun Detention Center. In July 2003, with no trial or hearing, she was sentenced to ten years in prison. After being persecuted severely, she contracted several acute diseases and was rejected by the Liaoning Female Prison. Jia was then sent to the Second Detention Center of Fushun City for long-term imprisonment. She has been persecuted to the brink of death. She cannot eat anything without vomiting and relies on regular injections to sustain her life.

Ms. He Lizhong, 60 years old, is a Dafa practitioner from Fushun City, Liaoning Province. After being abducted by police in April 2004, Ms. He was tortured and persecuted. By August 2004, she could not move or walk, let alone attend the show trial. Several days later, the Fushun People's Court shamelessly conducted a show trial for Ms. He in the reception room of the Second Detention Center. The entire trial was scripted and went as planned. It concluded briefly and Ms. He was carried back to her cell. Ms. He has tried appealing, but it was ineffective and in the end, she was sentenced to nine years in prison. Ms. He has been imprisoned in the Second Detention Center in Fushun City for a long time. She has been tortured severely and now suffers low blood pressure, heart disease, and seizures. When she was brought to the Shenyang Prison, the facility rejected her due to her poor health. Her relatives were once asked to bail her out for medical treatment, and even paid 900 yuan; however, the detention center still refused to release Ms. He.

Ms. Liu Chengyan, 30 years old, is a Dafa practitioner from Wanghua District, Fushun City. In October 2002, she was abducted by police and sent to the Second Detention Center in Fushun City. In July 2003, she was persecuted until she became unconscious and was on the brink of death. On August 29, 2004, while being imprisoned, she went on a hunger strike for five weeks to resist the persecution. Her health deteriorated, but even then the detention center refused to release her.

Mr. Lu Yan and four other Dafa practitioners were abducted by a dozen policemen around 5 p.m. on March 15, 2005. These practitioners were at Lu's home when police from Fushun Public Security Bureau broke in. Lu refused to submit to the police's demands, so four officers brutally assaulted him. He was hung up and shocked with electric batons until he became unconscious. Mr. Lu's arms and legs became very swollen, and he had much difficulty walking. After being illegally sentenced to prison, Lu was rejected by the Shenyang Prison due to his poor physical condition.

Persecutors: (the postal code of Fushun City is 113000):

Liu Hanbo, Deputy Division Team Leader, Prison Team, Fushun Public Security Bureau: 86-413-2333556 (Home)
Li Shujing, Deputy Bureau Chief, Fushun Public Security Bureau: 86-413-2880899 (Home)