(Clearwisdom.net) Guangxi Falun Dafa practitioner and postgraduate student Ms. Lin Tiemei died as a result of persecution on December 8, 2005. Guangxi Labor Re-education Camp and Guangxi Demobilized and Retired Serviceman Hospital (Mental Institution) are responsible for her death. She was 33 years old. The death report from the hospital described Lin Tiemei's death as "sudden death." Three other practitioners have been persecuted to death at the same hospital before Lin Tiemei.

Ms. Lin Tiemei was unmarried and lived in Bobai County, Guangxi Province. From 2000 to 2004, Bobai County Public Security Bureau twice arrested her and sent her to a forced labor camp where she suffered inhuman torture. Ms. Lin, who was quite tall and well-built, was tortured until she weighed only twenty-five to thirty kilograms (55-66 lb). She was sent to Bobai County Hospital for treatment, but before she could recover, she was sent back to the labor camp for further torture.

On February 1, 2002, Lin Tiemei was arrested on her way to Beijing to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa. She was again sent for three years of forced labor at the Guangxi No. 1 Women's Labor Re-education Camp. Because she firmly believed in Falun Dafa and refused to be "transformed," she suffered inhuman torture at the labor camp. She was tied to a bed for a long period of time with her arms and legs stretched out, and she was not allowed up to use the toilet.

Former Education Team leader Liang Suzheng, and Lu Dengyun along with prison guards conducted so-called "strict management" on steadfast practitioners like Lin Tiemei. They ordered criminal inmates to take turns watching practitioners around the clock, depriving them of their right to sleep, inflicting long term physical punishment, handcuffing or hanging them, etc. Some practitioners were handcuffed behind their backs while sitting on the ground, and some were handcuffed until the next morning. Practitioners had to seek permission from the guards to take a shower or use the toilet, and they were not allowed to buy any daily necessities or to have family members visit them. No one was allowed to supply them with anything or give them any help.

The prison guard instigated criminal inmates to beat Ms. Ling. They forced cleaning rags and smelly socks into her mouth, used rubberized fabric to seal her mouth, and forced her wear a helmet on her head with her hands cuffed, and then sent her to the "dragon palace" until the skin around her mouth started to fester.

Because she was continuously on a hunger strike in order to resist the persecution, she was viciously force-fed by prison guards. According to witnesses, in December 2003, Lin Tiemei was seriously tortured by prison guards. She was handcuffed, forced to wear a metal helmet, and her mouth was sealed with rubberized fabric. They once saw her whole body covered with bruises. Prison guards shocked her with electric batons and used other torture devices on her.

At the Guangxi Labor Re-education camp, Lin Tiemei was tortured until she was in a daze, and her life was in great danger. The labor camp spread a rumor that "Lin Tiemei had become insane" and that "it was caused by her practicing Falun Gong." During the 2004 Lunar New Year, the prison guards again spread the rumor that Ms. Lin was released on bail for medical treatment. In fact, she was locked up in a secret room totally restrained. She was not allowed to sleep. Instead, she was forced to sit on the wooden board with no blanket in the cold winter.

Later they sent her to the Yulin Demobilized and Retried Servicemen Hospital in Guangxi, which was a district level mental institution, and continued torturing her.

On November 25, 2005, Lin Tiemei's family went to the hospital and asked to see her, but their request was refused. On December 8, Ms. Lin Tiemei died as a result of the persecution she had been subjected to. The hospital dared not face the media after the incident. Her family refused to sign the cremation paper. The Bobai County Political and Law Committee and the 610 Office paid sixteen thousand dollars to Lin's family in order to cover up the facts and deceive the public.

The Yulin 610 Office, the Yulin Political and Law Committee, the Yulin Demobilized and Retired Servicemen Hospital in Guangxi Province, and the Guangxi Women's Labor Re-education Camp and its related unit and departments are directly responsible for Lin Tiemei's death.

While Lin Tiemei was in the hospital, her physician-in-charge was Zhou Xiong. Liang Zhanwei, Chen Wenlan, Jiang Beilian, and Min Jiaai were the nurses.

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