(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago a practitioner who is artistically gifted suggested some corresponding exchanges with us. We studied "Teaching the Fa at the Meeting on Writing Music" together and asked him to download and burn 100 songs that Dafa disciples had composed.

We raised our collective understanding of the Fa through the Fa study, and we hummed the Dafa songs pertaining to our different circumstances, bringing their special functions into play.

When some practitioners sing at home, all the family members enjoy it and the environment at home is therefore purified.

One practitioner used to feel a bit uncomfortable handing out materials, but is good at singing. One time she went to a rural area market. On her way back she noticed some of the other bus passengers looking tired. She said, "Let me sing you some songs composed by Falun Gong practitioners!" She sang one after another. The passengers were happy and forgot their fatigue. They generated a feeling of admiration for Dafa and Dafa disciples. After that she continued to recite a poem from "Hong Yin," "An Upright Person." The passengers realized that Dafa is good, and understood that they themselves need to be fair in their retail transactions. Therefore their ethical conduct was corrected.

One new practitioner who just learned Falun Dafa only practiced but never studied the Fa originally. After hearing the songs she felt that Dafa was really good, and then began to be diligent and began studying the Fa and practicing every day. Furthermore, her husband began to practice together with her.

Another Dafa disciple has a close friend who studied doing handwork at home. That Dafa disciple often tried to persuade her to renounce the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Youth League but she had always refused. When the practitioner played Dafa disciples' songs for her, after hearing the songs she said, "How beautiful these songs are! Please, hurry and declare my renunciation!"

A practitioner went to deliver the lyrics of Dafa songs to another practitioner. This practitioner happened to be entertaining guests. This Dafa disciple then sang "Be Saved" for them and told them about the persecution of Dafa disciples. This Dafa disciple continued to sing "Wish," "Waking up from the Dream," and others. The guests asked, "Who wrote these songs? So good!" This practitioner told them that they were all composed by Dafa disciples based on their own feelings, experiences and understandings. The lyrics and tunes helped the guests to understand the truth. They all repeatedly praised Dafa and Dafa disciples and realized that Dafa disciples are being persecuted. Therefore they understood the evil nature of the CCP.

Another Dafa disciple sang a Dafa disciples' song when she was hugging her granddaughter and strolling around her village. A villager heard it and asked, "What song are you singing? So beautiful!" Our fellow practitioner said, "This is a song Dafa disciples sing!" "You Dafa disciples even have songs? Could you sing for me?" Our fellow practitioner then sang, "Be Saved" and "The Way Home" for her. After listening she was highly praising, "Falun Dafa disciples' songs are really beautiful!"

Another incident is of a practitioner who had begun studying the Fa in 1996, but got very lax in her practice since the persecution began on July 20, 1999. She even went to play mahjong. During a Fa conference, she planned to go to play mahjong as usual. A fellow practitioner told her patiently, "We will exchange experiences of singing the songs written by Dafa disciples." She showed interest and then went to attend the Fa conference. After listening to the songs sung by fellow practitioners she was deeply moved and said that she would be diligent doing the three things. She also said she couldn't face Teacher, but even though she was very lax during those years, Teacher kept on taking care of her, as Teacher won't give up on any disciple.

It is really an unexpected realization that singing Dafa songs might rescue sentient beings. We hope our Dafa disciples can compose more beautiful songs!

January 25, 2007