(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner from Jamusi who has been forced to be homeless. Today, I browsed the Minghui/Clearwisdom website and learned that Cheng Hanbo was persecuted to death. I can hardly believe this is true. I saw her picture and could not help crying.

Cheng Hanbo's picture

I met Cheng Hanbo in 1998. In order to survive, she sold tissue paper along Baowei's roadside. She used the weekly sales proceeds to help her husband to take care of their entire family. Her small room was filled with piles of paper. Her elderly relative lived with them. Life was very harsh but she was very positive. Cheng Hanbo was always very diligent in studying the Fa. She usually studied the Fa while standing stood beside the door in her workclothes. She wouldn't even notice me when I passed by her.

In 2001, I was detained in a forced labor camp. Around the end of September, practitioners were forced to sit and watch TV. I noticed Cheng Hanbo was also there. Our eyes met and we made a silent agreement not to cooperate with such a persecution. At that time, practitioners were being arrested and detained there constantly. The policemen illegally arrested scores of practitioners, as many as ten per day. Once they were arrested, they would be searched and deprived of their human rights. Practitioners were put under the charge of the prisoners assigned to control washroom privileges. The policemen used numerous methods to force practitioners to give up their beliefs. Practitioners were not allowed to talk with each other. They were not allowed to stay in the same room. They were given steamed black flour buns with a bowl of water for soup. They were forced to work as slaves as long as ten hours per day. Additionally, they were closed in a dark and small room. The policemen pretended to be kind to them and then forced them to give up practicing Dafa via brutal assaults, hanging and/or sleep-deprivation. Lots of practitioners' hearts were deceived into compromises with the persecutors. However, Cheng Hanbo never compromised her principles and cultivated solidly through the police pressure.

Finally, we got a chance to get together with several practitioners on October 1. It was then that several of us who firmly believed in Dafa congregated together outside. We utilized that short time to share with each other how to cooperate with each other most effectively, including a consensus that Cheng Hanbo clarify the truth to the team leader.

By the middle of November, our "anti-transformation team" was disassembled, and Cheng Hanbo, three other practitioners, and I were sent to the "strictly managed team" for persecution. After several days, I was sent to an isolation cell because I did not obey the rules. I asked the team leader: "If you treat me this way, do you know what I will do?" At that time, the practitioners imprisoned on an adjacent aisle to me all started hunger strikes to denounce the persecution. The policemen were afraid of my hunger strike as well. As it turned out, they sent Cheng Hanbo to my room. I recited Dafa and shared with her every day. She recited Fa very fast even though her knowledge looked very limited. Her thoughts were very pure and she would practice openly whenever she wanted to. Sometimes, I was very nervous of that, but she did not care so much. Since our ward faced toward the washroom, practitioners would deliver messages to us in passing. She would ask me: "Sister, come here please! What do they mean?" I would know their meaning through their gestures and lip-reading. Then, I would deliver the message to other practitioners who went to the washroom. We cooperated with each other very well. Our ward became a "post for communication." We formed a good environment. Lots of ordinary prisoners understood the truth. They helped us deliver Teacher's articles, which encouraged us to withstand the persecution.

The two of us insisted on studying Fa, and reciting Fa. We cooperated and helped each other and warned each other to not stray from the Fa. Our righteous thoughts became stronger and our cultivation environment became better and better. I learned a lot from her sharing. For instance, it had not occurred to me until something she said made me realize that I should leave the forced labor camp! She helped me to send righteous thoughts to deny the persecution. Consequently, by the middle of December, I exposed all of the evil persecution to the labor camp director. Moreover, I clarified the truth to the director and exposed the persecution I had suffered. It was then that Cheng Hanbo only listened to me, saying nothing. When the director left, I complained to her, asking why she did not help me to expose the evil behavior. She admitted she did not cooperate with me well. Later, I complained to her again in a similar situation. She never looked unhappy and said, "I didn't do well this time. I should have done well."

In the middle of December, I was on hunger strike suffering. Once, I ate something, and threw up to the point of bleeding. In the northeast, it is so cold. However, the persecutors in the forced labor camp never cared about people there. The room was extremely cold. Yet, we were given merely cotton clothing to wear. During the night, only a very thin quilt was provided. I would wake up several times during the night due to the bitter cold. Cheng Hanbo put her clothes on my quilt and recited Fa for me. Around December 16 , I could not get out of the bed. My knees were very cold, though my stomach was so hot that I could not wear clothes. Besides, my whole body was very cold. Even under such a trying situation, I still was not given any right to leave the cell. Some prisoners who understood the truth would assist me by sending me some hot water. Cheng Hanbo would put the hot water in a plastic bottle and then warm my extremities for me. Sometimes, she would hold and warm my feet in her arms. Next, a doctor came and advised that my blood pressure had dropped to below 50. But the policemen showed no remorse--none whatsoever. They even did not inform my family members. Yet, Cheng saw after me day and night. She never thought about herself. She also encouraged me and recited Fa to me. I was moved by her selflessness. My life was almost over, so those policemen decided to force-feed me. I told them that I must see my family because you are killing me. All the while, Cheng helped me send righteous thoughts. On the 20th of December, my family members demanded that the policemen send me to the hospital. The doctors said my life was in danger. The policemen carried me back to the labor camp against my family's wishes and the doctor's recommendation that I remain in the hospital. When I returned to the labor camp there were two other prisoners that helped me secretly. Then, the following night, my family members rescued me. The policemen were scared the news would leak, so they kicked Cheng Hanbo out of my prison cell. They lied by saying that I went to the hospital and if I recovered, I would come back. On the night of the 21st, I was sent to the hospital for emergency rescue. I escaped from the forced labor camp after several days. We had shared that we would cooperate from outside or inside to deny the persecution. When I left the labor camp, the first thing I needed to do was to find Cheng's husband. I told him of the darkness inside the forced labor camp. At that time, many people were scared of the evilness of the labor camp, but her husband (a non-practitioner) said: "I must go there to ask them for my wife!" I did not expect that I would never see Cheng Hanbo again.

I exposed the evil persecution outside and rescued fellow practitioners. Whenever I saw Cheng Hanbo and other fellow practitioners' stories of persecution on the internet, I missed them very much.

Later, I heard Cheng Hanbo was finally released. I was very happy. I really wanted to meet her and at least thank her. I also wanted to tell her: I will not blame our fellow practitioners. However, I never took the time. I even didn't say sorry to her, and now she has died.

Today, eight years have passed since the persecution started. The brutal persecution still continues. At least 3000 practitioners who cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" were deprived of life. I cannot count how many practitioners are still detained in forced labor camps and prisons. Is this the so-called "greatness, brightness and righteousness" that the Chinese Communist Party espouses?! This is the so-called 21st Century "Harmonized Society?!" People who clarified the truth would often say good is rewarded with good and evil provokes retribution.... The Chinese Communist Party will end soon.

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January 6, 2007