(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Hai from Shandong Province suffered severe persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) before his death. Due to a prolonged period of unjustified harassment, threats, extortion, and torture, Mr. Li Hai died on January 24, 2003 at his home at the age of 67.

Mr. Li Hai

Mr. Li Hai was from Xiaozhuanggou Village, Haogezhuang Town of Zhucheng City. On July 22, 1999, he was taken away by local government personnel to Jiaojia Zhuangzi Village in Haogezhuang Town. The personnel violently beat and scolded him. They forced him to openly admonish himself in a meeting of Communist Party members before the entire town, and they forced him to slander Dafa on a televised broadcast. He suffered enormous bodily and psychological torture.

In June or July of 2000, his son, Mr. Li Wensheng, was incarcerated and persecuted for over 40 days for saying that he would continue practicing Falun Gong. Every day, Mr. Li Hai had to go back and forth over a dozen miles to deliver food to his son. Meanwhile, he had to care for his farm. In addition, the perpetrators threatened and scorned him. Due to excessive fatigue from the mental and physical torture, he was hit by a horse wagon one day on the way to delivering food to his son. The wagon driver fled. Mr. Li's painful groans were overheard by a neighboring villager. This kind-hearted villager took him home. His leg was badly wounded, and his knees were bleeding. He could not walk for over 10 days. The perpetrators did not release his son until he used his house deed as a warrant.

In October 2000, Mr. Li Hai's wife, Ms. Feng Shoulan, and son, Mr. Li Wensheng, went to appeal for justice for Falun Gong in Beijing. They were both illegally detained and arrested. Under the guidance of Haogezhuang Town's Party Secretary, Mr. Li Yongming, and the Politics and Law Secretary, Wang Xinjun, the police and others persecuted Mr. Li Hai even more unscrupulously. At that time, the Zhucheng City Police Department fined the Haogezhuang Town local police station 5,000 yuan. In order to get this 5,000 yuan, police officers Li Fengchun, Zhang Congguang, Zhou Jianbo, and Zheng Deming, and officials Zhu Xifeng, Guo Fangxue, and Guo Fangming took turns visiting Mr. Li to demand money almost daily. They scolded and threatened him. They extorted money from him and blackmailed him. Sometimes, they took him to the local police station to beat him and accuse him mercilessly. They also had someone monitoring him.

One evening during the days when both his wife and son were tragically suffering from illegal detention and persecution, over a dozen people from the Political Security Team of Zhucheng City, the local police station, the Town Committee, the Village Committee and so on, ransacked his house. They threatened him and railed him. They rummaged through chests and cupboards and confiscated his Dafa materials and a tape recorder. Police officer Li Fengchun attacked Mr. Li Hai's head fiercely with a broom and compelled him to hand over money. He claimed that if they could not get money from him, they would expel him from his house. As a result, Mr. Li's income for an entire year was completely extorted and looted. He was also forced to sell his cow (farming cattle is a necessity on a farm in this mountainous area), peanuts, soybeans, and corn to make up over 4,000 yuan. The family home was looted until almost nothing was left. In his old age with an ill body, Mr. Li Hai had to work in shops and receive help from his relatives.

After one month of detention, Mr. Li's son, Mr. Li Wensheng, was taken to the Haogezhuang Food Station by the Town Committee and the local police station. There, he was locked up for over 40 days. Several villagers took turns watching him. He was then sentenced to three years of forced labor. Mr. Li Hai had to deliver food to his son every day, traveling back and forth several miles, whatever the weather.

Under such brutal persecution, Mr. Li Hai was often absent-minded, with his face bathed in tears. In the Haogezhuang Town local police station, under the incitement of Guo Fangxue and Guo Fangming, police officer Li Fengchun fiercely attacked Mr. Li Hai's head with a piece of iron hardware. Mr. Li felt dizzy right at that moment. After this incident, he became even more absent-minded and depressed. He had no strength to work and was scared whenever he saw police officers or vehicles. His legs atrophied, and his health was getting worse and worse. He felt excruciating pain in his upper body and he would occasionally spit up blood. Sometimes the pain was so great that he would fall to the ground, unable to get up. He suffered from this physical pain for two years, but the psychological wound he suffered was so great that he could not even describe it. On top of this, he often worried about his son, who was imprisoned in Changle Forced Labor Camp and was suffering severe persecution. Mr. Li Hai passed away on January 24, 2003.

Contact information for those who participated in the persecution of Mr. Li Hai and his family:

Li Fengchun (male): A police officer whose personal identification number is 37078219700114021X; his police ID card number is 051,655. He is the head of Mizhou Road Police Station in Zhucheng City of Shandong Province. Office telephone: 011-86-536-6328239; home phone: 86-536-6213360; cell phone: 86-136-0647-6269.

Li Fengchun was successively appointed to be the head of the Haogezhuang Town Police Station and the Xinghua Road Police Station.

During his appointment as head of the Haogezhuang Town Police Station, the means he employed to brutally persecute Dafa practitioners were extremely ruthless and shameless. He was a key assailant responsible for the deaths of practitioners Li Hai, Dong Yanying, and Li Mingxian. He was also the main assailant in the merciless beating of practitioner Li Wensheng. He sent Li Wensheng to a forced labor camp.

Zhao Bingjun: He is presently working in the Inspection and Examination Brigade of the Bureau of Imports and Exports of Zhucheng City (located at 79 Heping Road, Zhucheng City.) Office telephone: 86-536-6214787; reception room telephone: 86-536-6213106; cell phone: 86-134-0665-1116.

Zhao Bingjun was the main accomplice in the deaths of practitioners Li Hai and Ms. Ma Yanfang. He is cruel and merciless. He beat up and tortured Ms. Ma Yanfang many times. He teamed up with the then Zhucheng City Ceramics Factory and some police officers in the Zhucheng City Police Department, and sent Ms. Ma Yanfang to the Zhucheng City Psychiatric Hospital. They had the hospital use drugs on her to persecute and devastate her.

Guo Fangxue: He has now moved to Yangjiazhuangzi Village in Longdu Road of Zhucheng City. He guards the door at the West Longhai Aquatic Products Town in Xiwaihuan Road of Zhucheng City. Cell phone: 86-132-8766-0097 or 86-132-8070-4910.

Haogezhuang Town Party Politics Office telephone: 86-536-6591188;
Haogezhuang Town Party Committee secretary's office telephone: 011-86-536 -6591138; 6591167; 6591155;
Mayor of Haogezhuang Town office telephone: 86-536-6591165; 6591186; 6591206; 6591168;
Haogezhuang Town local police station telephone: 86-536-659121;
Haogezhuang Town Food Station telephone: 86-536-659114;
Haogezhuang Town Xiaozhuanggou Village Committee telephone: 86-536-6591073;
Li Yongming: Presently employed by the Television Broadcast Bureau of Zhucheng City (in 68 Heping Street, Zhucheng City). Office telephone: 86-536-6212238; 6214325.; home telephone: 86-536-6214078; cell phone: 86-136-0636-6699.
Wang Xinjun: Presently the Secretary of the Party Politics and Law Committee of the Peach Garden Village in Zhucheng City. Office telephone: 86-536-6561188; home telephone: 86-536-6353898; cell phone: 86-13963627378.
Zheng Deming: He lives in Shiquan Village, Haogezhuang Town, Zhucheng City. Cell phone: 86-159-0636-5568.
Zhang Chongguang: He lives in Mojiazhuangzi Village of Haogezhuang Town. Home telephone: 86-536-6595628.
Zhu Xifeng: He lives in Zhujialing Village of Haogezhuang Town.

Wei Lihua: He moved to the east side of Center Street in Haogezhuang Village of Haogezhuang Town.

Zhou Jianbo: He lives in Xiaozhuanggou Village, Haogezhuang Town.

Guo Fangming: He lives in Xiaozhuanggou Village, Haogezhuang Town.

December 21, 2006