(Clearwisdom.net) As I watched New Tang Dynasty Television's 2006 Holiday Wonders show, I felt each program had its own deep connotations, which were well expressed by the performers with their pure hearts. I was deeply moved and impressed by the divine culture.

One of the programs that impressed me a lot was "A Dunhuang Dream." It is an ancient story about a stonemason who sculpts a thousand Buddha statues in the Dunhuang Stone Cave. The act begins with the stonemason sitting down to rest his eyes due to utter exhaustion incurred from his diligent work.

After the stonemason goes to sleep, the Buddha statue next to him begins to move! Next, tens of live Buddhas and gods on stage begin to move and countless Buddhas and gods on the background screen start moving. The message is that this gift of seeing gods and Buddhas is displayed due to the stonemason's sincere heart.

I was so excited that I almost forgot this was just a show. I could not even image how the stonemason must feel...

This was is an outstanding show. It vividly manifests Buddhas and gods, including their shapes, expressions and actions. Is it because Falun Gong practitioners have such steadfast belief and truly cultivate toward "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance," and are not afraid of evil or violence, that the Buddhas and gods unfold themselves to the practitioners so that they can express themselves so well as actors and actresses and reach such a wonderful cultural realm?

In contrast, Mainland China is under the control of the Chinese Communist Party, and is deeply embedded in political lies that instigate people to "deceive, loath, and fight" and indulge in desires and lust. No wonder the Chinese people who are deeply poisoned by the Party culture dislike even the Central Government's New Year's Celebration, let alone NTDTV's Holiday Wonders. The CCP's show does not promote gods and Buddhas, is against morals, against traditional culture, and shows nothing but dazzling lights, a bright red background, boring content and the naked pursuit for money and power.

"A Dunhuang Dream" let me see the glorious Divine culture of China and inspired the hope of a righteous future culture.