(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Mo Xiaomei from Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province, was arrested by police from the Zengcheng National Security Division, 610 Office, and Xining City Police Station, from her own shop on the afternoon on December 24, 2006. She has been illegally detained and tortured in the Zengcheng City Detention Center. The detention center's staff have refused to let her to see her family. They have threatened her, saying that they would give forged documents to the Procuratorate so that she would be sentenced.

The signed documents stated that she was arrested on January 30, 2007, and was scheduled to have a court hearing. However, her family has not received notice from the Public Security Department, the Procuratorate, or the Court. They have refused to show Ms. Mo's family her "detention card," the bare minimum requirement for holding her, even though they have asked for it several times.. All legalities have been ignored.

Without the documentation for her arrest, Mo Xiaomei's family cannot hire a lawyer. The officials deliberately did it this way to deprive her of her entitled "petition rights." They intentionally did this to keep her from being able to use a lawyer to defend her innocence.

People who have participated in the persecution in Zengcheng City:

Zhong Baochao, director of the 610 Office: 86-13809283208 (Cell)
Wang Jianlai, deputy director of the 610 Office: 86-13922372833 (Cell)
Wen Xingqun, supervisor of the National Security Division, a main culprit among the police: 86-13809288373 (Cell)
Zhong Liangcong, deputy division director of the National Security Division, a main culprit among the police: 86-13902333839 (Cell)
Lai Bosheng, 610 Office agent and deputy division director of the National Security Division, has participating in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since July 20, 1999: 86-13922381886 (Cell)
Zhu Tingyan, former National Security Office director, his eyes have developed problems: 86-13500225523 (Cell)
Mao Haoquan, director of the Zengcheng City Detention Center: 86-20-82752158, 86-20-82152158
Address: #26, Fangzhi Road, Zengjiang Avenue North, Lizhi Town, Zengcheng City
Zhong Huarong, director of the Xining Police Station, Xintang Town, Zengcheng City: 86-20-82768250

February 10, 2007