(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share a recent experience of mine with my fellow practitioners, so they can learn from my lesson, and so that sentient beings can wake up soon, not treat their own lives carelessly, and be able to choose a good future for themselves.

I work at a dockyard. All my co-workers have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. However, the degree of their understanding of the truth differs, and accordingly, their experiences and suffering in this accident were not the same.

Early in the morning on December 21, 2006, the fog was so thick that we couldn't see clearly. Furthermore, it was still dark, and the road was very slippery. We were driving from Dayaowan to Dalian City of Liaoning Province at about 50 mph after our night shift. When we passed a roughly 90-degree turn on the west side of the Dagushan Hill in the development zone, we tried to slow down to turn the corner, but owing to the failure of the brakes, the vehicle suddenly sped straight across the curb and knocked down two trees as thick as bowls. The car then fell into a sewage ditch, and turned over. The five workers sitting in the back of the car were all my apprentices just off their night shift. Beside them was a generator that weighed about 80kg. The water was deep and poured into my mouth; I was clear-headed at that moment, thinking about my five apprentices. I tried to open the door, but couldn't because of the serious damage to the body of the vehicle.

It suddenly occurred to me that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner! I then shouted loudly for Master to rescue us. Magically, the door opened automatically as I was shouting. I jumped into the water and pulled my co-workers out. However, one was missing; where did he go? I re-entered the water and felt around for him slowly with my feet under the water, and soon touched his body. I then bent down and pulled him out of the water. He had not been breathing for quite a while, and no matter how we shouted at him, there was no reaction from him at all.

I rushed onto the road to stop a car so we could send him to the hospital. However, two cars went by but did not stop. I could do nothing but hold his head tightly and shout loudly, "Master, please save him!"

In this critical situation, he suddenly threw up a mouthful of dirty water, gave a heavy gasp, and then began to vomit fiercely. After he came to, I quickly sent him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with no serious injuries. However, because he had swallowed too much sewage, he had to be hospitalized and have his stomach cleansed. Days later, he left the hospital safely.

It was miraculous that all six people in the car escaped safely from the danger and had no after effects. We were not suffocated by the sewage nor frozen by the low early morning temperature or the cold water in the ditch. What's the reason, then?

When we sent the car to the garage, all those who saw the bodywork of the vehicle said, "No one in the car could escape, even if they weren't crushed or had broken bones, they would have been drowned by the foul sewage! The driver would never have been able to escape—look at the top of the cab! Something huge made such a big hole, so how could the driver escape! It's such a small cab, so where could he escape to? The other people in the car would at least have been injured if they survived at all!"

All the people on the scene were surprised. Only then did I think of the reason for the slight bruise on my face: The generator in the back of the car had created a big hole in the top of the cab with its inertia when the car tumbled; it was then thrown out into the ditch through the windshield.

The situations of the five people sitting in the back of the car differed greatly in the accident. Why were the first three people completely safe? When I had clarified the truth to them and persuaded them to quit the CCP, they reacted wisely and earnestly, and made the renouncement willingly. The fourth worker, who floundered in the water in the accident, showed an expression and attitude that differed from the first three and understood the truth to a different degree when I persuaded him to quit the CCP and clarified the truth about Falun Gong to him. He declared his withdrawal only because he wanted to "keep face as an apprentice" and he found out the other three had withdrawn. The fifth worker, who fell into the deep water, was not willing to believe or even listen to anything; he withdrew from the Party merely due to the "personal connection between the apprentice and his master."

The life and death test made me clearly understand the reason why this accident happened to me: Recently I had been busy at work and have had no spare time, launching out in the daytime and fixing the vessels in the harbor during the night. I had to earn my high salary. The evil elements therefore utilized my loophole and intended to put me to death.

This life and death test taught me a great lesson, making me further enlighten to the connotations of Master's article, "The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be." Because we are cultivators, we should give priority to our personal cultivation, the Fa-rectification and the saving of sentient beings, and we should do well the three things that all Dafa practitioners should do. We have no reason to fail in doing the three things—any "reason" is nothing but exculpation. Therefore, I decided to talk with the boss of the dockyard to have my hours cut back. In fact, provided I have let go of my human heart, even if I change my job, the salary is not necessarily going to be different. After all, practitioners are taken care of by Master. What we should do is eliminate attachments, validate Dafa and save sentient beings; everything else will be arranged by Master.

Fellow practitioners, take warning from my lesson! Walk your way righteously and make the evil elements and evil specters of the Chinese Communist Party unable to utilize your loopholes. Please be wary of this: Some practitioners claim to give priority to Fa-study but actually attach more importance to everyday trifles and even chat idly when they return home. Some practitioners are concerned about the affairs of their offspring, or are involved in the lives of their grandchildren, such as their jobs, marriages, housing, etc. They are so concerned that they cannot fall asleep at night. Some fellow practitioners living in rural areas do odd jobs in the city to support the marriages of their sons or daughters, and therefore cannot guarantee the global sending forth of righteous thoughts during the four prearranged hours.