(Clearwisdom.net) This afternoon when I went to a local truth clarification materials production site, I heard a touching story.

An elderly practitioner who works at the site told me that she did not have money on hand to buy paper, so she went to look for a fellow practitioner who had told her a while back, "If you need money for making the materials, please let me know."

After the other practitioner arrived at the site, the elderly practitioner told her that she needed money to buy paper. This other practitioner immediately took the savings account passbook where her husband deposited his wage to the bank and withdrew 2,200 yuan. Only then did the elderly practitioner realize that the money this other practitioner took out was not the money other practitioners had left with her for materials production. The money was from her husband's unemployment benefit.

The elderly practitioner told her that she could not possibly accept the money, but the other practitioner said, "There is no stipulation that we cannot make use of our salary to produce materials. Most of our practitioners do so by living frugally and using the savings from each month's salary for the materials production site." However, this 2,200 yuan indeed came with a heavy price. This practitioner had suffered persecution numerous times, though she eventually prevailed. There are many notable stories to tell, which I won't go into for the safety of the materials production site. The persecution by the evil Party caused this practitioner to lose her only source of income for a long time. Her husband is also paralyzed and bedridden. Several years ago, she often depended on other practitioners' help. One day one practitioner might give her 10 yuan, and another day someone else gave her 20—that's how she had survived. Last year, her husband obtained an unemployment benefit of 580 yuan a month, and so far, they have only received payments for half a year. This is the entire family's income. Living in a city, the whole family only has 580 yuan a month. This is not enough for the minimum living expenses, without considering the fact that her husband is bedridden.

The elderly practitioner knows very well how this other practitioner normally lives. Since the persecution started in 1999, she almost never sees her going grocery shopping. Occasionally, she bought some picked-over vegetables that nobody wanted. She took them home, picked them, cut out the rotten parts and seasoned them with some salt. One time, a practitioner found that she took other people's leftover tea cups, poured out the water, took the tea leaves home, washed them, and seasoned them with some soy sauce and salt. Then she ate the leaves as salted vegetables. As her husband is paralyzed, he cannot eat anything oily or any meat. Cultivators take hardship as joy. Be it a light meal or one with meat, it is fine so long as the stomach is filled. Every time we see this practitioner, she is always in radiant health. She is over 50 but is very light on her feet.

With 580 yuan a month, her total income for six months is only a little more than 3,000 yuan, yet she took out 2,200 yuan in one fell swoop. Our elderly practitioner's eyes became moist as she told this story. I know this was not an ordinary person's sentiment. Today this other practitioner put up everything she has to save lives. That is a Dafa practitioner's compassion! I am moved by the Fa-rectification cultivator's pure compassion!