(Clearwisdom.net) A new semester begins with new classes and new clubs; everything is new. One thing, however, never changes�"the heart that wants to come back home to the Minghui club where we have been together as a family. In the Minghui club, we learn and practice the five Falun Gong exercises, read and recite Lunyu and Hong Yin, have story telling, and watch films. The films teach the students how to be a good person and raise mental awareness, and to remember Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance at all times.


We all wish Master a Happy New Year on New Year's Day 2007

The following are sharing articles from some of the lovely angels. They would like to tell everyone, "It's really good to be cultivating in Falun Dafa."

Zeng Qianting: At the beginning of grade three, we had a new project at school�"the clubs. I went to the Minghui club. I was very nervous when I first entered the classroom. My heart almost jumped out! The teachers have told us many stories in this group. Some are really funny. Some are really touching as they almost made my tears fall. The teachers taught us to read Lunyu and Hong Yin poems. We made bookmarks,drew pictures, and made paper lotus flowers and paper cranes. I also made lots of friends. They are Tinghen, Guanquan, Yujie, Yuxiang, Bingchen, Bingjun and others. Our teacher is kind to us; she is nice and friendly like our parents. I have learned many things here. We are so happy! We also did the exercises. I kept doing them. My body would be warm and I would not get a cold.

Reading Hong Yin
Reciting Hong Yin

Huang Xianrui: Every time before we started the class, the teacher would tell us a story. Then we would do the exercises, watch films and make paper cranes. At first we watched films. We watched "Leisurely and Free," "The Ball" and flash films. The songs I like on the flash films are "The Little Clay Man," "Little Stars," and "Doing Meditation." They are excellent songs. One of my favorite things to do is the exercises. I like to do from the first exercise to the fifth exercise. I haven't felt sick these days. I am so glad.

Chen Mengqi: If you look at my report cards you'll know that I was transferred to the Minghui club. I was originally in the arts and crafts club. However, because I was naughty there, the teacher became angry. She shouted at me, "Change to another club!" When the next Thursday's first class period came, I thought, "Oh no! I can't go to the arts and crafts club anymore." Our class president presented me to the Minghui club. Then I started to have new lessons. I was a little bit bashful at first. But, soon after the first class, I was not like that anymore. By the second class period, I started to get to know this new environment. I feel people here are friendly. I remember when we practiced the first exercise�"Yuxiang even came to teach me. I try to memorize Hong Yin poems and Lunyu after I come home. I do the exercises, too. Now I have to catch up with the others.

Lin Yucheng: I have been shy since I was little. However, since I came to the Minghui club, I have always been cheerful. It is because I learned the five exercises, and we sing and dance and watch films here.

Zou Bingchen: Teachers here at the Minghui club are very nice. They always let us watch films. They always tell us stories, too. That makes me like this club. I always hope Thursday will come quickly!

"Ring Ring Ring!" The class begins. When I hear the bell ring, I run to the classroom. When everybody has arrived, the teacher starts to tell us stories. All the stories are about teaching us to do good things, not bad things. The stories are very good. Everyone wants to listen carefully.

Then the teacher will take us to practice the exercises. She taught us the first exercise to the fifth exercise. The teacher asked me to show the others how to do them. After practicing, we read Lunyu and Hong Yin and then we watch films! I think here at the Minghui club we can listen to stories and watch good films. That's why I like to be here.

Doing the meditation
Practicing the second exercise "Falun Standing Stance"

Xie Xinhan: At first, I wanted to go to the nature observation club, but that club was full. I could only come to the Minghui club.

After I had been here several times, we started to have activities like watching films, doing the exercises and making paper lotus flowers. When the teacher tells us stories, we have to listen carefully, and we are not allowed to drink anything. Doing the exercises will only work if we concentrate. While watching the films, we have to keep quiet. Sometimes when there are funny things in the films, the whole class will laugh. The best thing is doing the exercises. I really want to come to the Minghui club every day, but we can only be here on Thursday! That's a pity. I really like to be in the Minghui club.

Zou Binjun: In the third grade, we started to have clubs in the first and second periods every Thursday afternoon. The Minghui club is waiting for me! This is one of the best clubs at school. Here we have many activities. For example, practicing Falun Gong, making lotus flowers and watching films. They are all very interesting.

First let's talk about Falun Gong! This is a Buddha school cultivation method introduced by Master Li Hongzhi in Mainland China. This cultivation method teaches us to cultivate on the main path. There are five exercises and also some books, for example, Hong Yin and Hong Yin II, Zhuan Falun and so on. We can also make paper lotus flowers. This is what we did on January 4. We turn the whole first layer over, and then turn half of the second layer over; at last we can turn a little bit of the third layer over. Then a paper lotus flower is done.

I think this is a really good club! Here we can take part in many activities. I will stay in the Minghui club in the future. It can make me healthy.

Hong Yuxiang: I remember when the semester just started, Teacher Zhao took us to visit the Minghui club teacher. That's how we met the teacher. Later we came to this club. On the first day, the teacher asked, "Who wants to be the class leader?" Many raised their hands. I did too. The teacher chose me. I was so happy.

My sister and I teach the others in the class to do the exercises. We help to adjust their movements and give them materials. These are all things that young practitioners should do.

Hong Yujie: Along my cultivation path I have met some difficulties, but I did tolerate them. However, I did so with a sad face. For example, last Thursday I had a test. Because I had a fever and a runny nose, I did not want to do anything. However, in the afternoon the symptoms disappeared, so I started to do the rest of my homework and asked my dad to drive me to school.

The next day, my dad drove us to school on his motorcycle. I happily said to him, "Bye, Daddy. Happy New Year!" When I was about to enter the classroom, one boy asked me kindly, "Do you feel better now?" I said, "I feel better now. Thanks for your kindness!" I think that boy is nice and kind. I should learn from him. He's really a good student.

Drawing segment
Card displays

Huang Guanquan: When I first came to this club, I was a little bit afraid because I was not sure what the teacher looked like, and whether or not she was nice. I worried that the teacher would tell us to be quiet and I didn't know what kind of teacher we were going to have.

After coming to the club, I discovered the teacher is a nice person. I think I misunderstood her. The teacher asked some students to show us the exercises and she told us the class rules. Then the teacher told us some stories. They were all about how to be a good person. The teacher also talked about what good things we have done today. She told us helping others is having Compassion. We did our homework, which is to follow Truthfulness, and if someone beat us and we can tolerate it, that means we have followed "Forbearance." All the things we learned here are about helping people. Later on the teacher asked us to read Hong Yin and Lunyu. After coming here many times, my temper became a lot better. I had a bad temper before, but since coming here I know people should have tolerance so that we won't fight with others.

I think I am really, really happy to be in this club, so I have to listen carefully here. Then I will be able to get good report cards, and it's good for us. Also we can make paper cranes and lotus flowers here. There are many activities. We can also learn how to practice and how to be a good person. I really enjoy being here.

Singing and dancing
Making paper cranes to send out our wishes

Liang Tingzhen: The first day I came to the Minghui club, I did not know anyone here, but I was lucky to have Qianting introduce me to Yuxiang and Yujie. I was so happy! Being a member of the Minghui club makes me gain many things. For example, how to be a good person and help others; if others laugh at you, you should tolerate it; we should be honest and we do not lie. We watch films, too. Sometimes we make paper cranes and lotus flowers and bookmarks with good words. We also sing and dance. My favorite activity is making paper lotus flowers; it becomes a lotus flower after we fold it only a few times. It's easy and pretty.

After coming to the Minghui club we not only gained many things, but also our mind became mature. It's pretty good!