(Clearwisdom.net) After the successful show in Radio City Music Hall in New York, NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular debuted in Atlanta Civic Center on February 20, 2007. The Divine Performing Arts and Tian Yin Orchestra presented a wonderful show to near four thousand people in the audience. The weather became nice after several days' rain and cloudiness.

NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular show in Atlanta. Audience applaud at the end when all the actors come out on stage.

Congressman Hank Johnson gives a speech in the VIP reception

Mr. Issac Farris, President of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, gives a speech in VIP guest reception

In a reception before the performance, Fourth District Congressman Hank Johnson, Mr. Issac Farris, President of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, Mr. Wu Jung-chuan, director of Department of Economic and Culture, Taipei Liaison Office in Atlanta, Speakers of County Councils of Fulton and Fulton Counties, and Wai Eng, Vice President of Finance of Comcast gave speeches and congratulated the Spectacular. Comcast is the largest sponsor of the show. Mr. Dorian McDuffie from the Office of Cultural Affairs represented the Atlanta City Government and read a congratulatory letter.

The excellent program cause audience think deeply

The Spectacular presented a variety of grand dances, vocal and instrumental solos and a live orchestra, the Tian Yin Orchestra. In addition, the Spectacular featured unique world-class backdrop designs using a high-end full-sized LCD screen, and presented a collection of world-class performances with purity.

The performances began with the grand dance, "Creation." In the opening scene, heavenly beings gather. Looking down at our world, a Buddha expresses that he will go to earth and bring goodness to humankind, inviting the others to join him. He then appears in the Tang Dynasty as an emperor. The heaven beings become civil and military officials. They created the grand Tang culture as a model ancient civilization in China and across the world.

The dance programs "Forsythia in Spring," "Herding on the Mongolian Plains," and "Rainbows" are colorful, bright and presented the authentic Chinese culture, which emphasizes harmony between Heaven, Earth and human beings, prosperous nature, the strength of men, and the elegance and femininity of women. The dances also presented the living environment that human being follow the arrangement of god: loving life and peaceful land.

"Ladies of the Manchu Court" presented an imperial dance. The dancers are accompanied by royal Manchu-style music as they move gently in raised shoes. Manchu women were known for their elegance, refinement, and virtuous demeanor.

Warm Mongolian people like to entertain guest with milk tea. "Mongolian Bowl Dance" presented beautiful Mongolian girls dancing with small bowls atop their head. The dancing is graceful and cheerful.

Alto Jiangsheng Yang sang "Tiananmen Please Tell Me," which moved many audience to tears. The song describes that Falun Gong practitioners clarify the truth while suffering the persecution. The song states, "For precious Chinese, for you, for you, they never come back. Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good! Their voices resound in the air." The song sung by Ms. Yang and was really moving!

The show was concluded with the dance "Resounding Drums." After the show, audience stood up and applauded warmly for such an excellent performance.

The spectacular presented the richness of Chinese traditional culture with pure arts and conveyed to the audiences the deepness of traditional Chinese culture. The show may arouse kindness and purity in bottom of hearts of the audience or deep thinking, which require that the performers have deep and pure minds and certain cultivation levels. It is also the difference of NTDTV spectacular from other shows.

Excellent audience comments

The spectacular received many feedbacks and excellent comments from audience

Ms. Koto, former CNN host, is being interviewed

Ms. Koto, former CNN host, said during interview, "Absolutely Gorgeous!" to describe the show. She said that the costume, music and dance are all beautiful and she liked them very much. Each dancer appeared professional. She said this was the largest performance on traditional culture in the US she had seen.

Mr. Subash Razdan, Chairman of Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, being interviewed

Mr. Subash Razdan, Chairman of Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, praised the spectacular highly, especially the bright costumes and light music. He did not expect that the performance would be so excellent before he came to watch.

Mr. Wu Jung-chuan, director of Department of Economic and Culture, Taipei Liaison Office in Atlanta, being interviewed

Mr. Wu Jung-chuan, director of Department of Economic and Culture, Taipei Liaison Office in Atlanta, said that the performance portrayed Chinese people's traditional culture: respecting the heaven and knowing life. Also the show let western people know the tolerance of Chinese culture.

Monica is being interviewed

Monica from Alabama said that the costume of the spectacular was very beautiful. She is a dance art supervisor and specially drove for four hours to watch the show after hearing of it.

Vincent Williams from Atlanta loves Chinese culture since he was young, especially martial arts and Taichi. He saw the special report on the spectacular in Atlanta Journal Constitution and learned that the show was different from other shows on China in Atlanta before. This is the world class show, which contains the essence of Chinese traditional culture. He was pleased to buy a ticket at the last moment. He liked the performance very much.

The spectacular also won the attention of media. CNN, with headquarters in Atlanta, contacted NTDTV one day before the performance and wished to interview the performers and composers. On February 20, after watching the performance, a five-people team of CNN waited about half an hour and finally interviewed the performers and composers of Divine Performing Arts. CNN reporters said the performance was top class.