Practitioners Ms. Shen Zili and Ms. Xu Hongmei from Qiqihar City in Heilongjiang Province have been on hunger strike without water for 33 days in an effort to regain their freedom. In the afternoon on February 13, 2007, police officers put handcuffs and foot shackles on them and took them to the municipal hospital. Since that day, they have been in critical condition. Both of them have periodically lost consciousness, and have lost control of their bladder and bowels. They suffer from electrolyte imbalance and low blood pressure; they vomit whatever they eat, including blood. They are emaciated, and may lose their lives at any moment.

Ms. Shen and Ms. Xu's families have asked everywhere for help. They went to the Qinglongjie Police Station and Longshan Police Sub-Bureau to demand the release of their family members. The police officers were rude and Gong Yanhui, the Head of Qinglongjie Police Station, said, "They (their family members) will be brought to trial very soon."

On the afternoon of January 13, 2007, when Ms. Shen, Ms. Xu and Ms. Hou Yajing visited Ms. Hou's residence, police officers broke into the residence, arrested them and took them to the Qingyujie Police Station. Police officer Yi Zhanhui dragged Ms. Xu from the 4th to the ground floor, then applied different torture methods and did not stop until she lost consciousness. Yi Zhanhui poured cold water on her face to wake her up and then continued with the torture. Then, they locked her into an iron cage.

Police officers from Qingyujie Police Station tied Ms. Shen with tape to a chair. Then, they grabbed her hair and hit her head against the wall until she lost consciousness. After she regained consciousness, the torture continued.

No matter what kind of cruel torture method they used to force a confession, they did not succeed. They attempted to get names and information on other practitioners, but Ms. Shen and Ms. Xu remained silent. Ms. Shen and Ms. Hong were tortured for 10 days. As they were very weak they were taken to the police hospital. During that time, people without conscience had Ms. Xu's daughter's teacher and a person who appeared to be a manager come to the hospital to persuade her to give up her beliefs. This unusual meeting harmed her young child tremendously.

Mayor of Qiqihar City Yang Xin: 86-13394626060 (Cell)
Longsha Police Sub-Bureau: 86-452-2467711
Head of Qingyujie Police Station: Gong Yanhui
Assistant to the Head: Zhou Huanyu;
Police Officer: Yi Zhanhui
Qingyujie Police Station: 86-452-2423571
Qiqihar City Detention Center: 86-452-2632345