Officials and staff at Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, headed by Lu Zhenshan, brutally persecute illegally imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners. In the winter, they open the window and strip off practitioners' clothing, and force them to sit on iron chairs with both hands handcuffed behind the back. The practitioners are forced to step on the ice-cold cement ground barefoot while water was poured on them. After the water freezes, their feet are frozen in the ice. The perpetrators call this punishment "Pouring Into an Ice Pipe." Sometimes, practitioners were handcuffed behind the back to the top of a two-meter-high bunk bed. Their feet were off the ground and the weight of the whole body fell on the wrists. At the very least, they went numb in both hands and fell unconscious; some were crippled in both arms from this torture. An elderly practitioner was hung up like this for three days straight. Both her hands were crippled, she fell unconscious and eventuallly died. The police also shock practitioners' faces, hands, and necks with high voltage electric batons. They put electric batons in practitioners' mouths to shock them, sometimes to the point where their mouths bleed.

Wanjia Labor Camp is located in a village in suburban Harbin. After their evil deeds were exposed internationally, Wanjia Labor Camp officials became even more reckless. There are three rural fairs every month when people gather. Otherwise, there are very few people who go there. When they see the police at the rural fair, they avoid them.

The police claimed that those imprisoned there are bad people, and that they would not arrest a good person. However, they obviously have a guilty conscience. Upon seeing a stranger walking on the street, the guards and police will grab the opportunity to question the stranger. Wanjia Labor Camp colludes with the police from Xinnong Town Police Station headed by Liu Zhaoping to rob pedestrians and arrest practitioners.

On January 23, practitioners from Dancheng Township, Shuangcheng City went to Wanjia Labor Camp to visit their family members. The front door of the labor camp was shut tight. Thereupon, they went to a boundary ridge between the fields. Nearby was a restroom by the road west of the labor camp where they rested. The police of the labor camp came out and arrested them.

Four practitioners from Wanlong Township, including Miao Xiubo and Jiang Yahong, went out for a business errand. They were waiting for a bus at a street intersection of Xinnong Town. They were arrested by the police from Xinnong Town Police Station headed by Liu Zhaoping and illegally imprisoned at the Administrative Detention Center of Harbin City (also called the "duck kennel"). At present their situation is unclear.