(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Guo Shenghuan, a teacher in the College of Digital Information, Shanghai Normal University, was arrested at work on the morning of January 25, 2007. Mr. Guo is being unlawfully detained in the Xuhui District Detention Center, No.15, 398th block of Longwu Road. His wife Zhang Yuxia takes care of two children, one five and one three years old. She has no income to support her family.

Mr. Guo Shenghuai worked diligently and was recognized with an award for "Model Coach" for the mathematical models contest in Shanghai. Because he practices Falun Gong, Shanghai Normal University officials did not allow him to teach anymore. Instead they assigned him to arrange reference materials in a library. He was rated unqualified at his year-end evaluation so his bonus pay would be withheld and his salary was cut.

At about 8 a.m. on January 25, Mr. Guo Shenghuan was arrested from the Assistant Dean's office of the College of Digital Information. According to an eyewitness, they covered his head with a bag. After the arrest, Assistant Dean Gu Guoxiang told the people who knew about the incident, "If anybody asks, you just say that Guo Shenghuan never came to work."

That same day, Mr. Guo Shenhuan's wife Zhang Yuxia was arrested while working in the Shanghai Hongqiao International School and was dismissed from the school. Ms. Zhang graduated from Huadong Normal University and then worked at Guzhong Middle School. Because she refused to give up Falun Dafa, she was arrested and sent to the Qingpu Brainwashing Center. She also lost her job. At that time, she was still nursing her baby.

We appeal to all the overseas Falun Dafa practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the evil and absolutely deny all the arrangements of the old forces.

The Xuhui District Police Department of Shanghai:
Main Numbers: 86-21-64868911, 86-21-64860697
Extensions: 37214 and 37217

The Monitoring Division of Shanghai Public Security: 86-21-58430022

The Xuhui District Detention Center:86-21-54356492, 86-21-64868911, ext.-37255 Address: No. 15, Block 398, Longwu Road, Shanghai City
Li Dan (male, Head of the National Security Division): 86-13311959917(Cell)
The 610 Office of the Xuhui District: 86-21-64868911 Extension 37219

The College of Digital Information, Shanghai Normal University, where Mr. Guo Shenhuan worked
The Party Secretary's Office: 86-21-64323611
The Dean's Office: 86-21-64324145
The Office of Vice Dean for Teaching and Research: 86-21-64322784
The Office of the Administrative Assistant Dean: 86-21-64322387, Fax: 86-21-64321853
The Office of the Deputy Party Secretary: 86-21-64322780