(Clearwisdom.net) Few people know that the Harbin City Police Hospital has a backyard. In October 2006, Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhong from Daqin City was murdered there. A second practitioner, a farmer, was also murdered there not long ago, although the story is only now becoming known.

If you enter the front door of the police hospital and follow the hallway, the second door on the left leads to the backyard. You will see a four-story building, where all the windows are covered with white cloth. A two-meter-high metal fence stands in front of it. A glass-covered sentry booth is right by the iron fence. Two burly sentries in uniform guard the entryway on the left and right. Nobody can escape their notice when going in. On both sides of the building are residential buildings. Three-meter-high metal fences with barbed spikes on top separate the building from the others. Hongqiao Hospital is at the back of the building. A big wall with curled barbed wire that appears to be electrified separates the two buildings.

Since it became known that Mr. Zhang Zhong was murdered there, the name was changed and the building is now referred to as the "Hospital for Sick Detainees," although there is no sign. On August 10, 2006 Mr. Zhang Zhong was visiting a friend at the Honglang Residential Area in Harbin City, when officers from the Dongli District Police Division and Nangang District Haxi Police Station illegally arrested him and took him to the Nangang District Police Division Detention Center.

Mr. Zhang was brutally tortured. After about ten days, he was transferred to the Harbin City Police Hospital where the torture continued. A month later, the police would not allow Mr. Zhang's friend to visit, although the friend was told by a guard named Xin, who was in charge at the time, that Mr. Zhang had been sent to the hospital and that he was found to be healthy. Only about ten days later, on October 16, 2006, the police hospital suddenly told Daqing Prison to notify Mr. Zhang's family of his death. Personnel in charge of this case refused to let Mr. Zhang's parents, relatives, or friends see Mr. Zhang's body when they arrived at the hospital that same afternoon.

On January 23, 2007, officers from Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City, along with local police, arrested several practitioners from Shuangcheng City. At the time of this writing, the police had already detained them in the Harbin City Administration Detention Center for 14 days without notifying anyone of their detention. For the previous ten days, practitioner Ms. Jiang Yahong had not been able to eat due to torture. On February 2, when her family went to visit, the police extorted quite a large amount of money from them. At noon on February 4, the police called Ms. Jiang's family to tell them that she didn't eat and that she had been sent to the emergency room. They asked her family to persuade her to eat. When the family arrived at the detention center, after driving for over four hours, the staff refused to tell them to which hospital Ms. Jiang had been sent. At about 9 a.m. on February 5, her family was getting very upset. Ms. Jiang's mother collapsed and started to cry and had something like a seizure. Many visitors witnessed this scene. At that point, the detention center staff finally told them that Ms. Jiang was in the so-called "Hospital for Sick Detainees," i.e., the building behind the police hospital.

When Ms. Jiang's family went there, both sentries signaled each other with their eyes and told them: "There is no such person here." After the family told them that they had been told that Ms. Jiang was there at the detention center, the sentries called inside to ask about Ms. Jiang and it was confirmed that Ms. Jiang was indeed inside. When the family asked how she was doing, the sentries replied that she was doing well. When the family insisted on seeing her, the sentries blocked their way and told them: "This is a detention center. You are not allowed to visit."

By the time this article was written, Ms. Jiang was detained for 14 days without her family being notified. The police refuse to admit that they have arrested her. The family started visiting the Daoli Police Division and only saw Ms. Jiang once, on the eleventh day, at the Harbin City Administration Detention Center. On the fourteenth day when the limit for detention without sentencing was reached, the police transferred Ms. Jiang to the hospital for "emergency treatment" and refused to allow anyone to visit her. The family argued that they did not wish for anyone to "cure" her and offered to take charge of her health but the police still refused to release her. The situation is very serious.

We have also been told that Falun Gong practitioner He Qinghui from Bin County, who became comatose after suffering a serious beating at the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp, was also detained there and nobody has been allowed to visit.