I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1995 to cure my illnesses and to help me deal with my disillusionment towards society. I studied the Fa and cultivated by myself, and my third eye was open. In July 1999 it was reported to police that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. The police monitored me for a long time until I moved in 2002. Due to the long-term persecution, I lost my cultivation environment and the chance to talk with fellow practitioners. I failed to understand the Fa because I was not able to read Teacher's latest articles. I suffered in this environment for more than four years.

In July 2001, I received two handwritten poems from Hong Yin. Because the handwriting was hard to discern, I did not believe they were Teacher's, so I told the practitioner who had sent me the poems not to spread such material any more. At the time I was unaware that she had sent me the poems at the risk of her own life. After that I only did truth clarification, studied the Fa and practiced the exercises occasionally. I did not know how to clarify the truth very well. I knew Falun Gong was good, but I could not clarify the truth more deeply. No matter who I met, including my family members, if they repeated the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s slanderous words against Falun Gong or Teacher, I became angry and shouted abuse. I had pain in my chest for three years. The sight in my third eye gradually became blurred and deformed. In addition, my Gong potency diminished and, even more frustrating, I found my Falun was gone.

In October 2005 my physical condition went back to where it was before I started to practice. Again I started to suffer from lumbar puncture, piles, and fatigue. Eager to improve my health I tried to contact my fellow practitioners but failed.

With Teacher's compassionate help, I finally ran into the practitioner who had sent me the Dafa materials. We met at a students' family meeting on the afternoon of October 28, 2005. I was so overwhelmed but felt uncomfortable seeing her. She looked very young and energetic. The next day I went to her home and picked up all of Teacher's articles and other relevant materials and took them home. I wept as I read them.

That evening I started to do the Dafa exercises seriously. When I came to the fourth exercise to rotate the Falun something amazing happened. My lower abdomen felt warm and I could sense something strongly inside. I was very surprised and happy because I knew that Teacher had not abandoned me and had installed the Falun for me again.

"My Falun is back!" I shouted to my family members. Then, with my hands in a Heshi position, I kowtowed to Teacher's image over and over.

I had a dream that many divine beings of all races flew to the earth from their heavens to help Teacher in the Fa rectification. I also dreamed that I was walking along a muddy road with much effort. Teacher came by pulling a three-wheeled wagon and asked me to get on. There were already several people in the wagon. I selected a clean space to sit.

Seeing that Teacher was so tired, I said to him: "Teacher, let me take your place to pull for a little while." Teacher said: "No, you cannot make it." Then I said: "The road is very slippery, so be careful not to slip into the ditch." Teacher said: "We will not slip into the ditch if we keep straight ahead on the way."

Recently I often have this dream. Sometimes Teacher pulls a wagon. Sometimes he pushes a train carriage with all the doors open, looking for people everywhere. Some people are already on board, some are standing at the sides of the carriage, and some are getting on the carriage, which is moving ahead at high speed. I came to understand from the dream that Teacher is really unwilling to abandon those Dafa practitioners who have fallen behind.

With Teacher's compassion, I devote myself to validating the Fa by doing well the three things as best I can. The miracle of Dafa once again happened to me. At 6:00 December 2, 2005, when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I heard a creaking voice and felt something scratching in my third eye. I saw dust was falling away. I knew that Teacher was cleaning my third eye. Next morning when I got up to send forth righteous thoughts, upon lifting my head, I saw with my physical eyes that a Falun of the size of a basketball was rotating above my head, whistling and shining in a blue light. The whole process lasted for about a minute. I bought a computer and connected it to the Internet on December 23, 2006, for which my family members mocked me because they thought that I was completely ignorant when it came to computers. At the age of 52, I used to be able to type at the speed of only five or six characters per minute. I only knew how to switch the computer on and off but had no knowledge about computers and the Internet. However, I managed to break through the Internet blockage in China within less than a month and logged on to the Minghui website on January 5, 2007. Now I can read Minghui everyday and submit articles to it.

It is so good to return to Teacher. I will not spend even a single minute of the Fa rectification in vain. Now all my diseases are gone, my third eye has been restored to its original status, my Gong potency is accumulating gradually, and my body is undergoing great changes. Without being aware of it I am frequently in tears, but I know it is because of my gratitude toward Teacher. I have no words in the human language to express my gratitude toward Teacher for what he has done for me. Thank you, Teacher, for not abandoning me and for your mighty blessing.