(Clearwisdom.net) Chinese traditional culture goes back five thousand years, and like a never-ending tapestry, it winds its way through the annals of civilization to show mankind its greatest attributes. It highlights virtues like compassion, loyalty, propriety, wisdom, trustworthiness, filial piety, and patriotism. On the historic stage forged by Chinese culture, one theme is ever-present: "Don't miss the precious opportunity when the righteous Fa is spread."

NTDTV's Global Chinese New Year Spectacular takes the audience through history's high points via the form of art and puts the main theme in full bloom, helping people to wake up from their delusion.

Through the Spectacular, people can see that heaven, earth, mankind and gods are intertwined throughout history, whether it's past, present, or future. On the stage, good and evil, righteousness and wickedness, light and darkness are displayed and contrasted side by side through different forms of art. Whether the medium was a historical account, a legend, an ancient prophecy or a real-life story from the present; whether the medium was a short drama, dance, song or instrumental performance, the message resonated in people's hearts.

Opening the World's Eyes to the Lessons of History and Unraveling Mysteries

In the dance performance "Creation," heavenly beings gather. Looking down upon our world, the Lord Buddha expresses that he will go to earth and bring goodness to humankind and save them, inviting gods to join him. He then appears as an emperor in the Tang Dynasty, with the gods as subjects. There they established the grand culture of the Tang Dynasty.

Mr. Guan Guimin performed a song that he composed, "Find Myself." The lyrics go:

"So vast loomed this world, I knew not who I was.
Oh how many lifetimes?�"the number was a blur.
Lost, no help in sight, only distress and pain.
How weary, how weary, was this longing heart.
In the dark of night I shed tears for all that has happened.
Until one day I finally came upon the truth;
Until the Way I had sought pierced the ear, like thunder,
Only then did I find myself and know to hasten my steps on the divine path."

The songs performed by the three female singers were even more thought-provoking. "Compassion" by the contralto Yang Jiansheng goes:

"Do you know why I speak out the truth?
It's not to have you become like me.
Much less to convert you to something;
I wish only that you may see;
The deception of that wicked entity;
Compassion compels me to intervene;
I can't bear to see you share in its fate.
For the heavens have ordained the red dragon's end,
I feel called to ensure your well-being."

The song "Finding Truth" by the soprano Bai Xue goes:

"So vast are heaven and earth;
Whither do people go?
Lost, the way is obscured;
Let truth be the compass.
When disaster descends,
It favors neither rich nor poor.
But there is a way out �
Quickly find what is true!"

Soprano Jiang Min sang the song "Why Refuse," asking people to cherish their lives:

"My friend, do you remember?
We came as guests here, from above.
Over so many lives, for whom was it we waited?
And for what have we sought amidst this haze?
Is the vow from before still inscribed in your heart?
Then why refuse, when the facts are before you?
The followers of the Way are not wrong.
Higher lives are fulfilling their vows.
What people have eagerly awaited now unfolds.
The state of the divine is eternal compassion.
Yet time will pass in a twinkling."

The Theme that Connects Past, Present and Future

After the Chinese Communist Party's culture is washed away, when people can again appreciate traditional culture, they will find that everything there, even a story, is quite profound. Some of these stories like "The Loyalty of Yue Fei," "A Dunhuang Dream," "The Monk Who Endured" and "Hua Mulan" taught people about loyalty, compassion, selflessness, forbearance and respect for the divine.

The show's dance performances, including traditional dances from the Tang and Qing dynasties, from the elegant steps of the Dai to the powerful moves of the Mongol tribes, were a dazzling display of China's rich cultural heritage.

Today, the Great Law is being spread in China, but its kind cultivators are being brutally persecuted. In candlelight vigils held around the world, each flame is symbolizing a tragic, yet inspiring story of Dafa practitioners giving their all to seek the truth and help rescue people of the world. The dance "Reaping What is Sown" tells the story of a Falun Gong practitioner who was killed by persecutors but achieved Consummation and returned to Heaven. The persecutors, who followed the evil Chinese Communist Party, were cast into hell.

The show fills the audience with a sense of harmony and joy, as one might feel in a brand new world after the evil is vanquished. The twirling yellow silk garments look as if they were being spun by Falun. The rainbow of colors displayed on stage fill the heart with what true happiness is in the human world.

Pure Inner Realm and Exquisite Technique Make for a Spectacular Performance

The performers' harmony and purity are a reflection of what is divine, and injected each performance with a life of its own. The dances were a duality of strength and gentleness, and the music was a blend of peaks and valleys. At times one was filled with awe and excitement, and the next moment the music washed over you like a gentle caress. The Erhu at once filled one with bittersweet longing and inspiration, while the war drums stirred the blood and shook the soul. The extraordinary design of the backdrop didn't just set up the scenes, but opened one's imagination and invited one up to the stage and into the performers' realm. The entire evening was one of enchantment for the audience.

In addition to the profound nature of the show's programs, the Spectacular's success owes to the performers' great skill and inner purity. Every movement of the dancers, each word uttered by the singers, and each note played by the instrumentals�"even each look from their eyes�"was pure and selfless. The pure, righteous field sent forth by the performers' inner realm carried a tremendous power and strength, lighting up the hearts and minds of those in the audience like a beacon.

The Spectacular has already drawn quite a reaction everywhere it has gone around the world. We believe that in the near future, people will understand more and more the significance of the Spectacular to the world.