Practitioners teach participants to practice Falun Gong

( Dadu Primary School in Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County held a five-day Life Education and Falun Gong Study Camp, beginning on January 29, 2007. The diversified programs at the study camp attracted many educational personnel in the Hsinchu area, who showed great interest and enthusiasm.

The principal of Dadu Primary School Luo His-chin said that in recent years he has deeply felt the teachers’ pressure and stress and associated health issues. He has practiced Falun Gong for years, and has benefited greatly in his physical and mental well-being, as well as with his family and work. Therefore, he often introduces Falun Gong to his colleagues in the educational field if the opportunity arises. During the past few years, the Education Department’s Life Education courses helped many teachers, so he began planning this activity when winter vacation began. He hoped to help all participating colleagues make improvements physically, mentally and spiritually.

Participants watched Mr. Li Hongzhi’s video Fa-lecture during the five-day study course, and learned to practice the five sets of Falun Gong exercises. There were also one-hour lectures each morning and afternoon.

All of the lecturers were Falun Gong practitioners, including Professor Chang Chinhwa of the Graduate Institute of Journalism at National Taiwan University, Huang Rui-fen of Neili High School, assistant professor at National Ilan University Hsu Kai-hsiung, Chou Yi-hsiu, a teacher at Jianguo Middle School in Taipei, Chang Ching-his, a professor of economics at National Taiwan University, and Chong Gu-lan, associate professor at the Department of Economics of Donghai University. The titles of the lectures were "Cultivation and Teaching," "Parent-Teacher Communication and Class Management," "Falun Gong’s Scientific Inspiration," "Elevation of Art and Life," "A Great Way Is Extremely Simple," and "Economics and Morality." Doctor Hu Nai-wen of Shanghai Tongrentang in Taiwan talked about "Energy of Compassion in Life," and Chen Yan-ling, director of the Minghui Educational Association, talked about "Kind Thoughts and Health."

Two teachers from Beipu Primary School felt that the courses contained a righteous and compassionate strength. After listening to the lecturers’ personal experiences, they understood that Falun Gong indeed benefits people.

In addition, many participants said that these lectures opened up another way of thinking for them. For example, "Falun Gong’s Scientific Inspiration" touches an unknown field and was really inspiring. "Elevation of Art and Life" uses a comparative way to illustrate the contents of Eastern and Western artists’ works. For example, the world-renowned painting "Last Judgment," by Italian artist Michelangelo, expresses that when the Last Judgment begins, Jesus’ left hand gesture symbolizes that kind people arise to heaven, and his right hand gesture symbolizes that bad people go to hell. The stark contrast of kindness and evil left people a deep impression.

Life Education not only can enhance one’s human cultural accomplishments, but can also cultivate peoples' zest and concern for life. Falun Gong practitioners used their personal experience of physical and mental elevation to witness life’s wonderfulness. Through sharing their experiences and understanding, the seeds of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" were quietly planted in people’s hearts. What they demonstrated are the noble traits of altruism and great compassion and dedication.