(Clearwisdom.net) I have come to understand that any thought based on the Fa is a divine thought, while thoughts based on worldly people's perspective are just the thoughts of ordinary people. For example, if a practitioner has righteous thoughts that are based on the Fa after he is struck by a car, he will not be hurt, but if he reacts to it from an ordinary person's perspective, it will bring severe consequences. During Fa-rectification, Dafa practitioners must choose between divine or human thoughts, and the results will be far apart.

In my personal cultivation I have come to realize that, in order to achieve divine thoughts in truth-clarification and persuading people to quit the CCP, practitioners' level of thoughts are completely determined by their compassion. When my compassion emerges, I can accomplish everything smoothly. During truth-clarification and persuading people to quit the CCP. I will no longer quarrel with other people, or raise my voice or get angry when they raise their voice and become angry, like I did several years ago. Previously, I had been using my human thoughts, and human emotions, which led to a bad outcome. Now, I am no longer afraid that the person I am trying to persuade will show disrespect to Dafa. When the disrespect appears, I use my compassion and serenity to patiently clarify the truth. Then I add my righteous thoughts, thus clearing all the bad elements behind the person. Some of the persons' bad thoughts might not be their own, they may just have been polluted by the CCP or controlled by evil spirits. As soon as I realized this, my xinxing level was elevated. My mind became tranquil and I no longer got angry.

Every Dafa practitioner knows that lack of righteous thoughts leads to poor results. Every time I encounter a difficult situation, I first try to find my compassion. Sometimes I can even imagine hearing Teacher's voice. For example, one day I finished posting truth-clarification materials in an apartment building and went down the stairs. One lady heard me posting a paper on her door. She came out with the paper in her hand and shouted at me: "Come back, did you paste this on my door?" She seemed ready to chase after me. I went to her with a smile on my face and compassion in my heart. I looked at her with a compassionate and peaceful heart, feeling pity for her. She saw me drawing near her and stepped back. I saw that she kept on reading what was on the paper, so I left without saying anything. Later, it occurred to me that other practitioners have probably all encountered similar situations. If I had started running, I would have fallen into the trap of an everyday person's thoughts and she would have yelled even louder, causing me trouble.

When I distribute truth-clarifying materials I always base my thoughts on the compassionate intention to save sentient beings. I am always considerate of the benefit to others, and the effects have been very good. At times I entered an apartment building and heard people coming out. I then thought to myself: "You go back home first! Don't come out until I finish what I need to do!" At the same time, I kept my compassionate thoughts. Before long, the person returned to her home. Once I finished distributing the materials and exited the building, I would hear the person coming out the door again.

Compassionate thoughts are divine thoughts because compassion is an attribute of a divine being. During the first two years after the start of the persecution in 1999, I stopped playing the music when practicing the exercises. Later, I resumed using the practice music. Whenever I hear Teacher reciting "Have compassion in your heart," I feel very upset because I had not been adding this thought during the past two years when doing my meditation. I now put an emphasis on "having compassion in the heart." I think of this wherever I go and I can even imagine Teacher's voice in my mind. I also repeat the thought that the "Buddha's light shines everywhere, propriety and righteousness harmonize everything." Since I always think of other people's benefit first and my heart remains pure, my righteous thoughts grow stronger.

Compassion comes from Dafa practitioners' cultivation. It is sacred, and cannot be generated by everyday people. The power of a Dafa practitioner's mind will determine whether an everyday person appears to be strong or weak in comparison. I also realized Teacher's Fa in asking us to do everything from the heart.

I will end my sharing by quoting Teacher: "If every one of you can understand the Fa from the depths of your mind, that will truly be the manifestation of the Fa whose power knows no boundary--the reappearance of the mighty Buddha Fa in the human world!" (Essentials for Further Advancement, "Cautionary Advice")