(Clearwisdom.net) As we sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil in the previous period when the evil was rampant and we endured greater pressure, we often felt that our righteous thoughts were very effective and we did not easily fall asleep while doing it. Now, as evil factors shrink and the pressure we directly endure reduces, we often feel that our righteous thoughts are faint, as if there is no place to apply the force, and we are also more likely to fall asleep. When we send forth righteous thoughts towards evil black dens from a distance, our celestial eye is not able to see.

We have sent forth righteous thoughts for over two months towards black dens where Dafa practitioners are persecuted and there seems to be no obvious effect for the time being. This makes us even more unsure of what to do when sending forth righteous thoughts. We can't concentrate when sending forth righteous thoughts four times daily, can't find our targets, and we are doing it somewhat superficially.

Once recently, I sent forth righteous thoughts to an evil black den nearby. After continually sending forth righteous thoughts for over one hour and eliminating many evils, I took a small break. Then a thought came to my mind: what's the purpose of coming here? Why "eliminate so much stuff"? Looking at the high wall, my surface layer woke up. Because of some lawless beings' stupidity and craziness, so many Dafa practitioners--the future enlightened beings in the new universe--are so-called "tested" here and tortured. As a Dafa practitioner, I should eliminate evils and be responsible to righteous factors. With this thought, I felt that some stuff that stubbornly resisted disintegration in other dimensions, as well as my mind, became more clear.

Reflecting on this--although I have been sending forth righteous thoughts recently, what was the purpose of doing it? It was not clear to me. Looking from a superficial level, it was because Master told us to do it, so I did it. But from my heart, I felt that sending forth righteous thoughts toward these black dens could change the evil persecution circumstances. In fact, there were selfish factors in my mind. The manifestation of these factors in the way of sending forth righteous thoughts was that sending forth righteous thoughts was to simply eliminate in one's mind those evil lives in the black den at a certain geographic place. Although it appeared all right, it was to eliminate evils for the purpose of eliminating evils. The mind was not righteous, so the effect was not great. Speaking from the root, it was still that the starting point was not right.

Only when I studied Master's article "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" again, did I feel that Master's requirement for us was very explicit. It was just that I was blocked by the thing that I was attached to, so I did not realize it. In the end of this article, Master asked us:

"...concertedly send righteous thoughts toward those evil places, thoroughly dissolving all evil beings and elements that persecute Dafa disciples, clearing away the evil circumstances under which Dafa disciples are persecuted in mainland China, and saving the world's people, [thereby] fulfilling the duties of a Dafa disciple and advancing toward godhood." ("Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil")

My understanding is that the purpose of us dissolving the evil is certainly to clear away the evil persecution, because we don't accept the old forces, nor the persecution carried out by them. The fundamental purpose of our duties is to save the world's people, because our role in Master's Fa rectification is to save the world's people.

After positioning myself at the right starting point, I felt my righteous thoughts were strong and powerful even when I sent forth righteous thoughts at home. The kind of isolation I felt before did not exist any longer and the scope of eliminating the evil both inside myself and outside became broad too. My understanding from my experience is that the black dens that the evil gathers are not just the prisons and forced labor camps at particular geographic places. The very understanding of the current evil persecution we hold in our minds and our fundamental perspective towards the black dens imprisoning Dafa practitioners might also be places that evil lives and factors hide. The thought karma in our thoughts and those degenerated things that we have not yet gotten rid of through cultivation can also play bad roles in this matter. We should also eliminate these with righteous thoughts when those things jump out during our sending forth righteous thoughts.

Do not underestimate our righteous thoughts and, when searching for a solution, we should not be limited within the illusion of ordinary people's society either. As long as we have ample righteous thoughts and our purpose is pure, things will all change. This is because the Three Realms were created for Fa rectification and saving numerous beings. Dafa disciples ought to, and are able to, play the leading role, restrain the evil, and save the world's people who can be saved.

Jan. 8, 2007