(Clearwisdom.net) The First Shandong Provincial Jail, located in Jinan City, was once named a "modern, civilized jail at the ministry level" by the Communist Party. Let's look at how "civilized" and "modern" it really is.

At the beginning of the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong, this jail was responsible for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. Many imprisoned there had been illegally sentenced to more than five years.

Practitioners were forced to sit on backless stools from 5:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. During this time, even going to the restroom was strictly limited. Practitioners were not allowed to speak with each other. The jail used those who were deceived and brainwashed (collaborators) to trick practitioners by carrying out so-called "sharing" with the recently imprisoned practitioners. They misinterpreted or garbled statements from Master Li Hongzhi's new published articles after altering them to deceive practitioners. As long as a practitioner was firm and unyielding, they would torture this practitioner in both spirit and body.

For example, practitioner Mr. Liu Zhongming from Chiping County in the Liaocheng District firmly believed in Master and Dafa and did not cooperate with the prison guards or inmates. They used Wang Changliang (a criminal team leader) to take Mr. Liu to each jail cell and beat him. They then put him in solitary confinement and did not allow him to go to the restroom.

For a long time, the "jail orientation team" at Division 11 was especially used for persecuting practitioners. The guards used criminals to carry out the forceful "transformation" of Dafa practitioners. If they did not give up their belief, they were beaten or abused and subjected to all kinds of physical punishment. They were not allowed to sleep for 24 hours or go to the restroom. Practitioner Mr. Zhuang Shijun always rejected the "transformation," so they tortured him physically for a long time. They forced him to sit on a hard wooden stool with ridges and to squat on his heels for a long time. They did not allow him to sleep or even yawn. If he did, they beat him.

Zhang Leiguang, Li Wei, Chen Shi, and other guards manipulated criminals to persecute practitioners. Some practitioners wearing handcuffs and fetters were put in solitary confinement. They were only given one piece of bread and a small bowl of water for a meal. After two months, they were emaciated.

On the hottest day in June 2005, four people pushed a practitioner to the ground, covered him with two quilts, and put underpants in his mouth. In the winter, people poured water on a practitioner's quilt. Inmates pressed practitioners into their beds and did not allow them to move.

Practitioner Mr. Zhao Weidong from Tai'an City was not allowed to sleep for 26 days and became absent minded from the torture.

Mr. Zhao Weidong was illegally arrested and sent to Team 8, Division 11 in the First Shandong Provincial Jail in November 2004. The police carried out "sudden attack 'transformation'" on Mr. Zhao many times. They forced him to sit on a small wooden stool and then encircled him to "help and educate" him. They shouted vulgar insults and did not allow him to sleep or allowed him very little sleep. Because he refused the "transformation," they did not allow him to sleep at all and forced him to squat and used several new criminals to besiege him. As soon as he closed his eyes, they beat, poked, and kicked him or pulled his hair and ears. From late October 2005 to early December 2005 they did not allow him to sleep for 26 days, more than 600 hours. Five to six new prisoners took turns watching him day and night. They beat him as soon as he closed his eyes. If he could not squat and sat on the ground, they savagely beat him. Then, they dragged him up and forced him to squat again. He suffered from innumerable beatings every day.

Because he did not sleep for a long time and was compelled to squat or was beaten savagely, Mr. Zhao Weidong lost all sense of direction. He could not straighten his back and fell to the ground often. His forehead was covered in bumps from falling. According to an eyewitness, he fell backward and forward up to one hundred times in one evening. One time, a new prisoner saw what was going on and said: "Zhao Weidong falls several times in a minute" and "Zhao Weidong's head will break the floor board. " However, Mr. Zhao was not aware at that time because he was all but unconsciousness. When he was clear in the daytime, he said over and over: "My head really hurts."

Not allowing Mr. Zhao to sleep for such a long time kept him barely consciousness most of the time. Even after this, they did not stop torturing him. The "help and educate" leader unceasingly mustered new prisoners and thugs to have a meeting and study the means and methods to persecute him. One time, four to five criminals together beat Mr. Zhao savagely. They kicked and kneed him in the ribs. They covered his mouth with their hands and did not allow him to breathe until he almost suffocated. Another time, Mr. Zhao was beaten until he lay on the ground and did not move. The "help and educate" leader realized it was serious and said to the criminals: "If there is an accident (referring to killing him), we will say he committed suicide." These "helpers and educators" often said: "If you are not 'transformed', there is no way out of here for you."

Mr. Zhao Weidong was beaten until he lay in bed and it was difficult for him to turn over. His whole body was injured. He was not able to lie on his side for several months. One of his ribs caused him great pain. He almost lost hearing in his left ear. Because he did not acknowledge that he was a criminal, the inmates did not allow him to go to the restroom. He held back for more than ten hours. He was forced to urinate in his pants several times. Today, Mr. Zhao is still suffering from the inhuman persecution.

Still today, guard Li Ting is still enforcing orders from Jiang and Luo's gang and the Communist Party that "deaths of practitioners from beatings are counted as suicides." He frequently refused to give practitioners any meals, beat them with a stick and kicked them. Several persecuted practitioners can no longer walk because of him. They were all monitored and persecuted by the guards and inmates all the time.

We expose these crimes that are merely the tip of the iceberg of persecution of Dafa practitioners in Shandong First Jail.

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Shandong Province First Jail (male jail)

January 15, 2007