(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Jinfan, 53, has been persecuted repeatedly by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since July 20, 1999.

On October 12, 1999, she was illegally arrested and taken to a brainwashing center in Jiagedaqi because she persisted in her belief in Falun Dafa. Her only daughter was left at home alone. Five hundred kilometers away, she could not contact her daughter over the phone because their phone service was disconnected and her employer stopped paying her salary. Similar situations have happened twice.

Because she refused to accept "transformation," the brainwashing center stopped supplying her food for 20 days. Her two periods of detention totaled more than four months. The brainwashing officials took 15 yuan per day from her retirement fund.

On February 3, 2000, when Ms. Wang was released from the detention center, Wang Zhanzhu (director of the Railroad Bureau of Qiqihar City), Pang Yumei (general secretary of the Railroad Bureau of Qiqihar City), and officials at the 610 Office forged medical records to force her into the Gaotou Mental Hospital of the Railroad Bureau. They also extorted 3,000 yuan from Ms. Wang's daughter to allegedly pay medical costs and room and board.

In the hospital, she was forced to take drugs for psychosis three times per day. She vomited the drugs along with her food. The hospital put her in a ward where seriously disturbed patients were held. She often woke up to find those patients doing things to her because none of the doors in the ward were locked. The doctors were confused because the drugs had no effect on her. While all the practitioners outside did their best to rescue her, and Ms. Wang had never stopped clarifying the truth to the doctors and nurses, the hospital conoducted an investigation on her 15 days later. Many experts, including those from different hospitals, were involved in the investigation. Ms. Wang treated this investigation as an opportunity for her to validate the truth to those experts. For many hours, ten experts raised questions with her. Ms. Wang answered those questions fluently. All the experts looked at her with admiration and reported: "Her brain is very keen." They concluded immediately that she was not insane at all and agreed to release her right away. Although she had asked Teacher to strengthen her, she hadn't expected that she would do so well. Her heart was full of thanks to Teacher!

Eighteen days later, she was released. In the evening on that same day, the police and her employer went to her home and arrested her again. Afterwards, they detained her five different times. On July 26, 2000, Ms. Wang was sent to Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp in Qiqihar City, which is a national "model" camp for "transforming" Falun Gong practitioners successfully. She had learned that this forced labor camp forcibly administered psychotropic drugs to practitioners. After their arrival, the six practitioners were detained in six separate cells. They couldn't see each other and were not allowed out of their cells. They had to wash, eat, and use the bathroom in their cells all the time. Camp officers put drugs into their drinking water. To confirm this, practitioner Ms. Xu Jiayu tried to build a close relationship with the guards. One day the guards asked her if she dared to take a particular drug. Ms. Xu replied, "Of course." Then they brought the drug to her and she swallowed it. Forty minutes later, they said, "It's about time (implying that the drug should be taking effect)." They brought paper and pen to Ms. Xu for her to copy a statement prepared ahead of time. Ms. Xu thought it was time to expose them, so she told them exactly what she thought of their action and refused to copy it.

Later when those practitioners gathered together and shared their experiences, they all felt that Teacher helped them purify their bodies. Every time they took the drug, they got serious diarrhea, but they didn't have the normal weak feeling from being dehydrated.

The guards, one by one, tried to "transform" her every day. She knew that she wouldn't pass this test if she lost her strong righteous thoughts for even a little bit. Whenever they read articles slandering Dafa, she would recite Lunyu loudly. Soon they realized that the six of them couldn't "transform" her at all, and they sent her to the Forced Labor Camp of Qiqihar City. But the forced labor camp soon released all the practitioners who had been detained for prolonged terms.

On one occasion when Ms. Wang Jinfan went to Daqi City to pick up 32,000 yuan donated by practitioners there, she brought along some truth clarifying materials. On her way back, she was arrested in the taxi. The officers from the Police Department of Daqing City and Yiyuan Police Station searched her and stole her money. The police detained her, her 15-year-old daughter, and another practitioner in the detention center in Daqing City. The police who stole the money said shamelessly that they wouldn't return it even if there were eyewitness because she didn't have a receipt.

On April 19, 2002, she was arrested again. Two policemen beat her so badly that she was covered all over with cuts and bruises and was close to being paralyzed. Both her sides and breasts had so many bruises that it was very hard for her to breathe. Her feet turned black due to the beating. She also had internal bleeding in her neck (x-ray results showed this). The beating also caused her vision to become blurry. The police continued torturing her with even more brutal means. They shocked her with electric batons until she was close to death. When she was taken to the emergency room of the police hospital, Director Yan of the police department called the hospital and said, "A Falun Gong practitioner dying is not a big deal. You don't have to worry, I will take responsibility." Doctor Lin Changquan, director of the surgery section of the police hospital, received this call beside Ms. Wang's bed. The doctor replied, "It is not important to me what Ms. Wang's social status is. She is my patient. Her life is in danger. I will not allow anyone to take her away." The doctor then told Ms. Wang, "I can't protect you for very long!" Doctor Lin and the director of the internal medicine section worked together on her treatment plan. After learning that she was beaten so seriously just because she believes in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," they were moved to tears. They also tried to convince the police to let her stay in the hospital and continue the treatment, but the head of the police refused.

During her time in the hospital, Ms. Wang witnessed this scene: A policeman brought a practitioner in, and his hands were covered in blood. He went to Ms. Wang's ward and washed his hands. Then the policeman told the one taking charge of Ms. Wang that the practitioner had jumped from the second floor of a building to escape being captured. The policeman said, "To stop his escape I put him down with one shot!"

On April 23, 2003, she was transferred to the Women's Prison of Harbin City. Because she was too weak to walk and her blood pressure was as high as 200, the prison refused to accept her. After negotiations, the Detention Center of Qiqihar paid the prison 1,500 yuan and the latter accepted Ms. Wang.

She was sent to the so-called "training" ward. On the first day, guard Lu Jinghua brutally beat her until her heart started palpitating. The reason she was beaten was that she refused to recite the humiliating salute sentences or to salute the guard. In a two-month period, guards beat her three times and locked her in solitary. After being released from solitary, she was transferred to the ninth ward where the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is most severe. There, because she refused to do the forced labor, she was punished by being forced to squat continuously for two days and nights. During that period, Hou Guiqin, one of the two most brutal inmates that tortured practitioners (another is Guo Ying), was encouraged by the guards to beat Ms. Wang repeatedly. Due to the torture, Ms. Wang's blood pressure remained very high level and she showed symptoms of a stroke.

In August 2005, they tried again to transform her by putting her into a brainwashing session. In the ninth ward, there is an ongoing brainwashing session. In it, practitioners are persecuted by the guards using many brutal means. Ms. Wang refused to cooperate and held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Qiu Tianzeng, a policeman from the Tiefeng District Court of Qiqihar City, always swore at her, saying, "I will sentence you to prison forever. In your condition, you will die in prison in less than two years."

Four years have passed. Ms. Wang is still alive and healthy. What she wants to tell people is that Falun Dafa is a miracle!