(Clearwisdom.net) Evildoers in Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province are still torturing Falun Gong practitioners. The following is a partial list of facts about the persecution in this dark den in 2006.

January 19, 2006:

The evening of the day that Mr. Peng Jianpu, a Falun Dafa practitioner, arrived at the labor camp, the guards ordered criminal inmate Ma Dacheng to pour cold water on Mr. Peng and others. Ma Dacheng poured poured 47 buckets of water on them without stopping. Pouring cold water on practitioners in the cold wintry days has been a frequently used method of torture in this labor camp.

June 11, 2006:

Criminal inmate Ma Dacheng beat practitioners on June 11, 2006. Because the police often ordered criminal inmates to beat and verbally abuse practitioners, practitioners staged a group hunger strike for one day. The police had to extend Ma Dacheng's term by one month and promised that such things would never happen again.

July 11, 2006:

One month later, the camp authorities attempted to get back at the practitioners for their one-day group hunger strike. The guards used the excuse that practitioners refused to sing songs that praised the CCP. Those who refused to sing were required to "have individual meetings" with prison instructors. All the guards in the second team (over ten of them) were mobilized to torture practitioners. Mr. Peng Jianpu was beaten and subjected to electric shock until 1:00 a.m. He was injured seriously. As a result, it hurt him to walk and he was lame for many days. Several other practitioners were also tortured for refusing to sing the songs.

July 14, 2006:

At midnight, the camp flagpole was struck by lightening and broke. It was an warning sign for Suihua Forced Labor Camp.

Around October 10, 2006:

Police Shi Jian of the First Team and team leader Lian Xing ordered criminal inmates Lin Yuguo, Han Fujiang, Hou Shichen, Gao Yun, and others to beat practitioners without mercy. Over a dozen practitioners were beaten. Among them, Mr. Miao Shujun suffereda concussion as a result of the beating. He felt giddy all day and could not eat. Other practitioners had blood in their stool as a result of the torture.

November 20, 2006:

Practitioner Mr. Xu Yushan staged a hunger strike to protest the persecution. He was locked in a small cell for eight days where he suffered tortures such as the tiger bench and iron chair. Guard Fan Xiaodong even ordered criminal inmate Guang Changfu to put itchy stubble from cut hair all over Mr. Xu Yushan when he was handcuffed in fixed position and could not move his limbs.

Practitioner Mr. Li Yequan went on a hunger strike for over ten months in 2006. He was not released until he was reduced to less than 100 pounds. The guards tortured him numerous times during his hunger strike. On one occasion, guard Gao Zhonghai shocked him with electric batons; guard Diao Xuesong beat him with fists; guard Zeng Dingjun burned his fingers with a lighter.

The guards involved in the persecution in Suihua Forced Labor Camp:

Deputy director of Administrative Section: Fan Xiaodong

Brigade heads: Zheng Youliang, Liu Wei

Instructors: Gao Zhonghai, Long Kuibin

Team heads: Diao Xuesong, Lian Xing, Shi Jian

Criminal inmates involved in the persecution:

Ma Dacheng, Lin Yuguo, Han Fujiang, Hou Shichen, Gao Yun, Liu Qiang, Quan Hongwei, Wang Mingquan, Wang Chen, and others.

Original article date: January 27, 2007