(Clearwisdom.net) In the process of clarifying the truth and exposing the evil during Fa-rectification, Dafa disciples are doing the three things quietly, but the evil keeps interfering. Here, I'd like to urge my fellow practitioners not to neglect self-cultivation while validating the Fa.

I know a mother who is a steadfast Dafa disciple and has been clarifying the truth quietly. But she is irritable sometimes and impatient when dealing with family affairs. Once she cleaned the whole house although she was apparently pretty tired. Her daughter noticed and said kindly, "Mom, don't wear yourself out. If possible, chores can be left undone, or they can wait until you feel better." Her mother replied in a bitter tone of voice, "I don't have a life of leisure." The daughter was hurt, and she asked me later, "Are you practitioners supposed to be like that? There hasn't been any change after several years of practicing. How can I believe that you are improving by cultivation?" I felt my face flush. Indeed, the momentary slip of a fellow practitioner led to a misunderstanding even from someone in her own family.

I realized that in any situation, a practitioner should improve him or herself openly and with dignity, keeping a benevolent and peaceful heart that manifests the quality of a Dafa disciple--being selfless and putting others first. No matter if it is in the family, in society, or in the workplace, if we don't mind our words and deeds and act as an average person would, we might unintentionally hurt others and cause them to miss the opportunity for salvation.

The Chinese say, "Teaching with words is less effective than teaching by acting as an example." Many coworkers know that we are practitioners. To them, our behavior not only shows our character but also the character of Dafa. If we are righteous, work diligently, and do not fight others for our own benefit, then people will respect us and respect Dafa and will be inclined to accept the truth about Dafa. Otherwise, our coworkers and families will accumulate negative views about us, decline truth-clarification handouts, and even have a negative view of Dafa and may miss the chance for salvation.

A Dafa disciple should pay attention to making improvements and being righteous even in seemingly insignificant ways. Following Master's words, "Righteous thoughts and righteous actions," we will do better in eliminating the evil, exposing the evil, and saving more sentient beings.

This is my sharing with my dear fellow practitioners. I look forward to your comments.

February 1, 2007