(Clearwisdom.net) It was August 21, 1994. I was fortunate to attended Master's lectures in Yanji City, Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province. At the lecture, I witnessed the miracles and mysteries of Falun Dafa.

When Master came into the lecture room, all Falun Dafa practitioners stood up and applauded. The scene was spectacular and beyond words. When I recall it now, it's like it happened yesterday. It's crystal clear. Master waved his hands to greet everyone, motioned them to sit down and began to give his lectures. At this moment, I unconsciously had tears flowing, and I did not know why. During the last lecture, Master explained the reason. At that moment, I knew that in another dimension, I was moved to tears. This made me realize even more completely that Falun Dafa is a special practice. I became determined to cultivate this practice during my lifetime and to cultivate well.

I also heard the sound of Faluns spinning in the air of the lecture room. The sound was very loud. It was like the sound of a vehicle engine.

I saw layers of light rings, and the rings changed colors occasionally. They were beautiful. In the air, there were also light balls, the color of chrysanthemums. I understood in my later cultivation that those were the beings from other dimensions who were also listening to Master's lectures.

When Master taught the exercise movements of the practice to Falun Dafa disciples after the lectures, Master walked around to check the disciples' hand movements. I saw a big ring of light around Master. When Master walked forward, the ring came forward too. How miraculous it was!

One student who was sitting in one of the rows in front my seat was sick. His family member had carried him to the lecture room to listen to the Fa for the first few days. Later, I noticed that he did not need to be carried. He walked into the lecture room on his own. This is testimony to Falun Dafa's mysterious power.

Fellow practitioners, let us treasure this time, do well the three things required by Master, save more sentient beings, and be deserving of the title of Falun Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period.