(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yao Guihua is 42 years old. She lives in Xiadian Village, Lingzi Town, Zichuan District in Zibo City. In September of 2006, she was arrested by the Cicun Township police while she was clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and distributing literature. At present, she is still imprisoned in the Zibo City Detention Center.

Yao owns a barber shop. Before she practiced Falun Gong, she had a lot of illnesses. Her legs and feet would swell up after being on her feet after even a short period of time. They would hurt badly, and she could not put on her shoes. Soon after practicing Falun Gong in 1998, all of her illnesses went away, and she felt very light. In addition, Falun Dafa changed her into a very good person. She is always the first in her family to pay for her parents' living expenses, hospitalization expenses, and medical costs. She never argues with family members and always does her best to help out her parents. Her family members and neighbors all speak very highly of her. She charges the lowest prices in the area, and for the elderly and disabled, she charges only a nominal fee.

One winter day, she went to cut hair for some elderly people in both her own village and Lingzi Village. Some of these elderly people had been bedridden for a long time and were in difficult hygienic situations. She held them up to help them wash their faces, helped to shave them, and then cut their hair. She said, "It is because I practice Falun Gong that I do this. I have changed from being a selfish person to one that thinks of others first. I follow Falun Dafa's teachings, and when conflicts occur, I try to search inside myself. I always try to think of other people first."

She is a well respected and well liked member of the community, and she just wants her fellow villagers to know, "Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are good!" On September 3, 2006, Ms. Yao was arrested by the Cicun police and is currently detained at the Zibo City Detention Center. She has been subjected to severe physical and mental abuse for over four months. She has a daughter and a six-year-old son. Her children are now staying with her parents-in-law.

The Chinese New Year is coming, and her family and fellow villagers are awaiting her return. However, she has just been given a prison sentence.

List of persons who are involved in persecuting Yao Guihua:

Zibo City Zichuan District Political and Law Committee
Du Zhenbo: 86-533-5277177, 86-13953348518
Zhang Zeng: 86-533-5281770, 86-13505335959
Zou Qiang: 86-533-5283831, 86-13853359509
Yu Jianli: 86-533-5171791
Xia Shunfeng: 86-533-5266539
Zhang Jingting: 86-533-5267665, 86-13864379019
Zibo City Zichuan District 610 Office
Pang Yijun (Director): 86-533-5178795
Zhang Daoguo: 86-533-5276709, 86-13070649510
Chen Qili: 86-533-5280272, 86-13395337157
Zichuan District Police Department (Jixiang Road)
Commanding Center: 86-533-5189209, 86-533-5182622
Disciplinary Bureau: 86-533-5189256
Political Working Section: 86-533-5189220
Criminal Police Team Office: 86-533-5189283
Criminal Police Team On-duty Office: 86-533-5189210
Patrol Police Team Office: 86-533-5189239
Patrol Police Team On-duty Office: 86-533-5189237
Detective Team: 86-533-5189224
Detention Center: 86-533-5189364
Supervision Team: 86-533-5189340
Public Security Section: 86-533-5189222
Political Security Section: 86-533-5189309
Legal System Section: 86-533-5189228
Household Registration Section: 86-533-5189225
Administrative Section: 86-533-5189275
Lockup: 86-533-5189393
Zichuan District Police Department Director and Party Secretary, Ni Qiang: 86-533-2862766 (Home), 86-13325239777 (Cell)
Zichuan Police Department Director, Ning Zhichen: 86-533-2189559 (Home), 86-13305331717 (Cell)
Zichuan Police Department Political Commissioner, Niu Zhengmin: 86-533-5181893 (Home), 86-13395331369 (Cell)
Zichuan Police Department Associate Director, detectiveKang Chengxiang: 86-533-5752819 (Home), 86-13395331309 (Cell)
Zichuan Police Department Associate Directors, Fang Shichen: 86-533-5282500 (Home), 86-13395331318 (Cell)
Chen Wenyu: 86-533-5273388 (Home), 86-13395331388 (Cell)
Zhou Changde: 86-533-5753989 (Home), 86-13395331306 (Cell)
Gao Minghai: 86-533-3112716 (Home), 86-13395331337 (Cell)
Xu Aimu: 86-533-5753000 (Home), 86-13395331300 (Cell)
Liu Zhongjie: 86-533-5751877 (Home), 86-13395331366 (Cell)
Liu Wei: 86-533-5285663 (Home), 86-13395331307 (Cell)
Su Xingtian: 86-533-5753822 (Home), 86-13395331308 (Cell)
Zichuan Police Department Criminal Police Team Director, Zhan Chunjie: 86-533-5285999 (Home), 86-13395331399 (Cell)
Cicun Local Police Station
Director, Zhang Mingli: 86-533-5558809 (Office)
Associate Director, Wang Fei
Political head, Chang: 86-533-5554307 (Office)
Policemen, Wang Haibo and Sun Jinlong
On-duty office: 86-533-5558121
Cicun Town: 86-533-5558001
Lingzi Town: 86-533-5580011, 86-533-5581696