(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Tian Shuangjiang, 28, was illegally detained at the National Security Team of the local Public Security Department by Shao Jun, Wang Bo, Cui Liancheng, Zhaosirigetu, and Baojirimutu from the National Security Team, because he practices Falun Dafa and appealed for justice for Falun Dafa. Later, he was detained in a local detention center. Below, Tian Shuangjiang recalls his experience.

I was detained in a detention center for one year, until 2003, when I realized that it was wrong to suffer this persecution, and I abandoned the evil arrangement. After I received notice from the court, I started to suppress the evil, and refused to listen to their orders or wear the prison uniform.

One afternoon, superintendent Wang Li came to inspect the cells and saw that I was not wearing the prison jacket. He asked if there was a shortage of jackets for this room. I told him that cultivating Falun Dafa is righteous, and asked why we should wear jackets for criminals. He got angry and said, "Let's see if you will wear it or not!" He talked to guard Liu Xixian who was on duty. Liu Xixian brought a "pig shackle," handcuffs and shackles soldered together with a short iron shackle. Wearing this, one cannot stand up straight, and can only take small steps while bent over. One cannot even undo one's trousers to use the toilet without someone's help. They called me out, but I did not cooperate with them. They tackled me, and with the help of a criminal inmate, they put the shackles on me. I cried out, "It is not a crime to cultivate Falun Dafa." They stuffed my mouth, fearing that other Falun Dafa practitioners would come to support me.

Later, I discovered that I was still able to cross my legs (sit in the lotus position) in a dignified and upright manner, even though I wore the shackles. In the morning, when the policemen changed shifts, I crossed my legs and sent forth righteous thoughts. At the beginning, most of the guards ignored this. They had been in contact with Dafa practitioners for a long time and most of them knew that we were good people, so they did not want to persecute us. After about three days, deputy superintendent Mo Rigen was on duty. He saw me sitting in the lotus position, with my right hand held erect in front of my chest, sending forth righteous thoughts, and he became angry. He came over and dragged me off the bed to the ground, and kicked me several times. I got up onto the bed again. Mo Rigen said angrily, "Bring the board to me, and put it on his back." This was one of the most ruthless tortures. The torture tool was made of iron pipes in the shape of the Chinese character "Kai," with shackles on the upper end for the hands, and shackles on the lower end for the legs. After being secured to the board, one cannot even move. Criminal inmates brought the iron board in, and pushed me onto it. In order to make sure my hands didn't slip out, they intentionally made the shackles very tight, even cutting into my muscles. They tied me up, and then left.

I spent four days and nights like this; it seemed worse than death. During this period, all kinds of thoughts came up. On the first day, I could sustain my righteous thoughts. I tried to think of nothing.

On the second day, my righteous thoughts were getting weaker. I could not sleep during the night, even though I was so tired. Then I had an idea. I thought, if I shook my head, after a while I would be so tired I would fall asleep. But it did not work. I was worn out and still could not fall asleep. Sometimes I almost fell asleep, but woke up again from the pain caused by the tight shackles, and could not fall back to sleep.

I spent four days between life and death. On the fifth day, they released me. I wanted to sit up, but my body would not cooperate, and my wrists were carved deeply by the iron shackles.

This is a true account of how the evil CCP tortured a Falun Gong practitioner who believes in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."