Greetings, Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners,

I want to share my experiences making phone calls to help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I have been calling people in China to clarify the truth since last year. At the beginning, I always clarified the truth to people that I knew. After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were published, I realized the importance of telling people about them to help persuade them to withdraw from the CCP. I started calling my friends in China, and over 200 of them quit the CCP, but I never tried calling strangers.

I did not clarify the truth over the phone for a long time after calling all my acquaintances. One day, my grandson said to me pointing to the floor, "You cannot always stay here!" I immediately understood that Master was giving me a hint. From then on I started to call strangers to clarify the truth. I was nervous, and my voice faltered as I talked on the phone. The attachment of fear was gradually eliminated and I became more and more confident. Unfortunately, only a few people decided to immediately quit the CCP, and there were not very many people who would totally listen.

Before making phone calls to clarify the truth, I always send forth righteous thoughts. When I do it from my heart for the benefit of others, the results are very good. Once a person didn't believe what I told him, and I almost cried, and my voice trembled with emotion. He heard that and asked me to give him time to think about it. I said, "Ok, and you should also share this good thing with your family members and your friends." He told me to call back one hour later. Finally, he quit the CCP and helped other people to quit also. In total, there were 10 people who withdrew from the CCP. I told him that he had done a really good deed and would create a wonderful future for himself. In order to save more sentient beings, I always call back after a few days to the people that I believe will be willing to tell others about quitting the CCP.

After we joined the Return Telephone Calls group (which returns calls to people with more information), we changed our approach from reactive to proactive. Once after I made a call, I asked the person, "Have you listened to our recordings over the phone?" The person said, " Yes, and it is really good." I told him, "For your safety, please quit the CCP right now. I have already made up a name for you. It is 'Yongping.' (The name means Peace Forever.)" He said, "OK!" His wife and daughter also quit. I asked him to tell all his family members and friends to quit the CCP. I said, "If heaven begins to annihilate the CCP, but you have not told your family members or your friends, they will probably die, and that would be terrible for you." He told me to call him back in two hours. When I did he said he had helped 21 people quit the CCP. I told him, "Good deeds create a wonderful future. Since you have helped so many people to quit the CCP, you are destined for a better future."

So far I have helped 554 people to quit the CCP. I have realized that the more pure my thoughts are, the better the result. As long as we keep calling, and as long as our xinxing improves, the results are sure to be very good. Whenever I help one person to quit the CCP, I try to persuade him to help others to quit, which has broadened our outreach for the "Three withdrawals."

In a dream, there were many people at my home. One elderly lady said, "There is one sentence which is really good in your book. I want to copy it down." I couldn't remember which sentence it was. I told her that the book had already been lent to others, but I could ask for it back right away. At that moment I woke up. The dream was very clear. I understood that the sentence was, "Falun Dafa is good." Many people are waiting for the truth. The dream gave me a hint that I should hurry up and clarify the truth.

Besides clarifying the truth over the phone, I go to the malls more often to distribute Dafa flyers. I also learned to say "Falun Dafa hao" in English, and I can tell the Western people I meet, "Falun Dafa is good." When I have this thought in my mind, Master arranges many people who have predestined relationships to come to me. One day I gave a flyer to a Westerner. Since I don't speak English, we could not communicate. I just used gestures to explain to him that Falun Gong can bring better health. He was interested in the exercises, and I showed him the first, second and fifth exercises. He applauded for me. Another day I met a Westerner who could speak Chinese. I told her I practice Falun Dafa and in what ways I find it beneficial. I also told her that the Chinese Communist Party is a rampant violator of human rights. Anything of a spiritual nature is often outlawed and persecuted, especially towards Falun Gong practitioners. She listened very carefully.

A few days ago, I distributed flyers at a crossroads. A Westerner passed by me when the traffic light turned green. She turned back to me and asked, "Is it Falun Gong?" I said, "Yes." She bowed to me, took the flyer, and shook hands with me, then crossed the street. It happened too fast to react, and I didn't have time to say thank you. Looking back at her, I think this was driven by our collective efforts of clarifying the truth, so that many people have developed positive relationships with Dafa. It is a heartfelt pleasure for her and my fellow practitioners.

This is my personal understanding. I hope my fellow practitioners will please kindly correct any shortcomings.